Sponge Support Post all issues related to support here that can't be immediately put into an issue tracker. This category can work best to help people with common problems using Sponge and help people find the best way to resolve those issues before posting on a bug tracker.
Block 19 You have discovered the Block 19 server category, intrepid Spongineer!<br>Support for the Sponge Community Server and related discussion belongs here. <br>If you have questions, plugin/mod requests, or need to contact management of the Sponge Community Server, post away!
Sponge Web The home of discussion of the Sponge website and upcoming Ore project (the Sponge plugin repository).
Sponge Discussion General Sponge related chat that doesn't fit in other categories. Don't need support, already caught up on the latest news and development, but just wanna talk about Sponge because you love it? This is your place.
Sponge Development Come here to discuss Sponge development. Check in on the latest changes, suggest your own, and get SpongePowered[TM].

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