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Topic Replies Activity
About the Plugins category 1 September 10, 2014
SkyChanger - Change the color of your personal sky
6 February 25, 2020
Movecraft for Sponge - Allows players to move vehicles made of blocks
1 October 9, 2019
CommandUtils - Command alias, delay, and other handy stuff
28 February 25, 2020
Inventory Sync - This plugin synchronizes the player inventory with a database
42 February 25, 2020
FlatItemEditor - Tools for editing item data
2 February 24, 2020
[1.12.2] Sending Packets from Forge to Sponge 3 February 24, 2020
Particle effect options not working? 2 February 24, 2020
ProjectPortals - One stop shop for all things portal
93 February 24, 2020
Block transactions are set to invalid, but the block still drops as an item 5 February 23, 2020
Plan - Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support
48 February 23, 2020
XySafeShulkerBox - To fix the item-copying bug of Shulker Box❥(^_-)~
2 February 23, 2020
MCP - Custom AITask - Stop attack current target 1 February 16, 2020
GWMLibrary - Library with Super Objects and other utilities
25 February 23, 2020
GWMCrates - Universal crates plugin
123 February 22, 2020
ProjectInventories - Multi world inventories
31 February 22, 2020
How to check is there any blocks above player? 2 February 22, 2020
MBDiscordLink - Addon for MagiBridge that links in-game accounts with Discord accounts
16 February 21, 2020
MagiBridge - A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin
60 February 21, 2020
HomeSweetHome - An advanced home plugin
20 February 21, 2020
Cancel ChangeBlockEvent.Place without cancel ItemStack modification 5 February 20, 2020
PokeTeams - Teams plugin with Pixelmon Reforged Support
69 February 20, 2020
Missing MCP classes 2 February 20, 2020
AutoMines - Mines with automatic regeneration
6 February 20, 2020
PlayerQueueService - Queue messages/commands for offline players
2 February 20, 2020
CatClearLag - A plugin to assist in removing lag from your server
21 February 19, 2020
YYS ScoreBoard - Scoreboard for many features
18 February 18, 2020
DailyRewards (API 5/6/7) - Plugin for rewarding players for every day logging in 24 February 17, 2020
Having hibernate in the plugin jar crashes sponge without an error 16 February 17, 2020
Entity/Living attack speed 4 February 17, 2020