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About the Plugins category [Plugins] (1)
Isoworlds - Large scale personal world manager [Ore] (9)
Tab Modifier - A simple & easy to use tab manager plugin, based on luckperms [Ore] (7)
Wasted - Plugin for changing death messages [Ore] (7)
Copy new config settings to existing config file [Plugin Development] (5)
NanoChat - Simple local and global chat [Ore] (20)
Get Item with the slot in Inventory [Plugin Development] (8)
[API 7] TriggerReactor - Powerful Script Engine for your server [Plugin Releases] (5)
[Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) [Plugin Releases] (151)
PlayerDataReset-Plugin - Playerdata reset plugin an quick and easy way to delete playerdata [Ore] (1)
Recreate a chunk? [Plugin Development] (1)
Event Sounds - Event Sounds including resource packer [Ore] (6)
Get translations [Plugin Development] (1)
STS - Sell your Pokemon to the Server [Plugin Releases] (6)
UpTitle - UpTitle is a sponge plugin that displays a custom text on the top of the player screen! [Ore] (3)
WarCraft MC - Races and Skills, Level and Fight [Ore] (1)
:shield: Spongy Protection Stones :shield: ( 2 ) [Plugin Releases] (22)
Mirage - The best solution against xray users ( 2 ) [Ore] (30)
IdGetter - Get's item id or BlockState id [Ore] (3)
DropParty - A Drop Party plugin commissioned by the PokeFreaks network [Ore] (3)
:atom: Nexus v1.8.5b - Providing 100+ Essential Commands and Features ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Plugin Releases] (128)
Total Economy - All in one economy plugin for Minecraft/Sponge ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Ore] (81)
:money_mouth: Lottery :money_mouth: ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Plugin Releases] (91)
Tab Complete Magic - A plugin to add extra magic to tab completion [Ore] (3)
Negativity - AntiCheat [WIP Plugins] (6)
RankUpper - Auto rankup plugin based on economy, time or xps [Ore] (13)
Chest Refill (1.10.2-1.12.2) - Create refillable chests ( 2 ) [Plugin Releases] (28)
PayDay - Pay your players as they play [Ore] (16)
BetterKits - NBT support, Kit preview, easy to use ( 2 3 ) [Plugin Releases] (41)
Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ) [Plugin Releases] (192)