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About the Plugins category 1 September 10, 2014
PixelmonShiny - Give players an item to turn on of their party pokemon into it's shiny form! Generations + Reforged!
5 July 12, 2020
In DamageEntityEvent listener, how exactly do I get: 7 July 12, 2020
Negativity - It's an advanced AntiCheat Detection
19 July 11, 2020
VillagerShops - Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items
37 July 11, 2020
[Pixelmon] Reset shrine for a fee 9 July 10, 2020
Storyteller - A plugin to tell stories 11 July 10, 2020
FlashLibs - A library for Sponge development
3 July 8, 2020
Dynmap-Nucleus - API 6, Nucleus 1.0 5 July 7, 2020
PixelmonPlaceholders - Extends PlaceholderAPI to display Pixelmon-related info
6 July 7, 2020
ProjectPortals - One stop shop for all things portal
99 July 7, 2020
SimplyPortals - Block frame portals that can be linked to one another
4 July 7, 2020
Event Command - Map commands to game events using a simple config
1 July 6, 2020
Minesweeper - Play Minesweeper in a inventory
3 July 6, 2020
KeepInventory - Let players keep their Inventory if they have permission - Spongepowered
12 July 5, 2020
WelcomeTitles - Custom welcome titles
7 July 5, 2020
SimpleCommands - Simple, and easy custom commands
6 July 5, 2020
Cancels the Block Break Event, but the block still drops causing a copy item bug 7 July 5, 2020
Rotom Form Changer - A simple Rotom Form Changer plugin for Pixelmon Generations
3 July 4, 2020
RedProtect - Complete antigrief plugin
44 July 4, 2020
Problems with VirtualChest plugin 1 July 4, 2020
LuckySpongeBlock - Give out pre-configured luckyblocks which execute commands when they get placed by players!
5 July 3, 2020
PixelBuiltQuests - Highly configurable Quests plugin for small and big servers!
26 July 3, 2020
PBQ Pixelmon Expansion - Adds Pixelmon tasks to PixelBuilt-Quests
3 July 3, 2020
Player Data Sync 1.12.2 1 July 3, 2020
Mirage - The best solution against xray users
59 July 3, 2020
BlueMap - A 3d-map of your Minecraft worlds view-able in your browser using three.js (WebGL)
44 July 2, 2020
Kill's reward 1 July 2, 2020
What is the difference between Break,Modify,Post in ChangeBlockEvent? 6 July 2, 2020
How to change damage dealt? 2 July 2, 2020