[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


Set flag interact =true or allow in handler.


handling for specific block types is a planned feature, but i haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

College has got my really bogged down, but winter break is coming up soon.


So how would I modify this command to make that happen to a certain block? Command:
/foxguard md h protect flags default add interact block =true
Basically where does the item ID go into this command to flag a certain block?
Thanks in advance.


You don't. It's not a feature YET. I'm the developer... I would know...

You'll be able to do it in the future, just not right now.


FoxGuard is making an error.
ForCore is installed.

Here ist the Log-Entry, which appears every second in the console.

[17:08:17] [Server thread/ERROR] [Sponge]: Could not pass ChangeBlockEvent$Post$Impl to Plugin{id=foxguard, name=FoxGuard, version=0.20.2-api5-347, description=A world protection plugin built for SpongeAPI.
Requires FoxCore., url=https://github.com/FoxDenStudio/FoxGuard, authors=[gravityfox], source=/home/minecraft/Sponge/mods/foxguard-0.20.2-api5-347-server.jar}

Any advice?


This was a bug.

I deleted the region and created it again. And it had worked


In the future, make sure to paste the entire error message (everything from Could not pass..' to the next normal log line e.g. '[<Timestamp>] ..
Stopping at java.lang.NullPointerException (or whatever the error happens to be) only tells the developer that something went wrong, and doesn't allow them to fix it.


How to setup invincibility in a region?


Hello, How to authorize a group to enter in the region ?


There's multiple ways.

You can use a basic or group handler, create a group, and set enter to deny like so:

/foxguard modify handler <handlername> entries <group> set entry =deny


What command would i use to allow people to break only a certain item?
for example pixelmon:poke_chest


Not an available feature yet.


hi, why your plugin does not work? when you run no errors, but in the game the team does not work, he says there is no such command


That's not a very coherent issue; it won't help others find the root of the fault.
When you have a problem with a plugin, it's very important to provide some details so others can examine it. That includes:

  • The version of SpongeVanilla or SpongeForge you're using
  • The version of Forge used (if using SpongeForge)
  • The version of all the plugins used in the test
  • Alterations you made to their configurations (if any)
  • A link to the server log file (or the latest forge log file) on pastebin or similar

Also, I don't know what you mean by "the team does not work".

Do you have both FoxGuard and FoxCore installed?


I found foxcore-server and foxcore-clients
MC 1.10.2
clients(server): forge
foxguard foxcore-0.10.2-api5-204


I think make flag use in forge but in vanllia is normal. because player can not interact redstone cycle in protect area. You can't permission.


I have literally no idea what you're trying to tell me. Sorry :confused:


Example redstone cycle from picture below :


I'm still not sure what you're trying to tell me...


I think he means redstone circuits can't be accessed in protected areas.
Which is something I believe you're aware of anyway.