[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


Post a step-by-step of what you're doing?

Does it include /foxguard save? :stuck_out_tongue:


/foxgaurd save kicks me then crashes my servers(Lobby and main pack). I followed the "QuickStart" Guide and it worked fine up until I tried to save.

I posted a report on the Github a few days ago. Haven't heard anything back...


I feel this is likely to be the same as the spawners ziceptor mentioned last year but just to check - the experience gained from protected blocks that regenerate - coal in my case, I've not tested spawners - is something Sponge needs to fix?
Not something you're able to do by canceling the exp drop as part of the denial of the block break?


there is a bug with the clinet mod for api4 final release. it just don't let the game boot up properly.
have no idea.but it is not a big problem


Hello, how to disable the minerals xp in the zone claim


@gravityfox Hello, I am here because your plugin is a bit confusing for me. Everytime i try to set up a region it fails with arguments. Can you make it so that your plugin uses some kind of wand to collect pos1 and pos2 then be able to create a region using /foxguard region create Spawn, thats an example and then when doing flags by using /foxguard region spawn flagset mobspawning deny, that as an example as well then that way we can hae a better setup for flags and more easily remember the commands. Also when creating region with the /foxguard region spawn command can you do like worldguard did like do //expand vert to extend it all the way down below the positions and above?


if you cant do the last part that is fine all i ask in addition to the flags and easier region setting if you could also make it easier to set for the global region because currently for some reason when i do your flagsets on _global nother happens and gives me arguments as well for some reason i have _sglobal and _wglobal as well not sure what that is but i would appreciate if you maybe could implament some of these features for sponge noobs like me to better use your plugin thanks.


What you're asking here is basically for me to rewrite my entire plugin from scratch.

To answer your question. No, no, no, and no.

FoxGuard was written with a very specific set of ideals, and to change the commands like that would be to go back on all of those ideals.

Perhaps in the future i'll write an additional set of much simpler commands, and over time, as more features are added, it will get easier in general. Until then, read the docs.


read them no sense how to make regions...


Use worldregion instead of region in the command.

Also, sglobal stands for server global, and is essentially a server side region, or one that is in effect anywhere on the server, including other worlds.

Wglobal is world global, and basically is the same thing as server global, except instead of applying to the entire server, it applies to the entire world.


No the absolute most confusing part is how do you even get the positions? If its /link1 and link2 i have already tried this and tells me its not a valid argument


The command is /fg pos

Or you can use /fg wand pos to get a wand that lets you add and remove positions.

FoxGuard is NOT the same thing as WorldGuard. You'll just need to get used to a new system and new commands.

WorldGuard had a lot of pitfalls that made it hard to extend, which is why i'm doing things my own way.


There are a number of ways to add positions, the most obvious being the use of the position wand (which gravityfox shows how to create above). It's really just a short-cut to the command /fg pos anyway. If you type /fg state it should show you a scoreboard displaying the "state buffer" of foxguard. Any positions you select should be shown there.


The command shows the full details in chat. The scoreboard is displayed by default.


is it working for 1.11? I only see api 5 version


@gravityfox Hi there, I notice that my users are still able to break armor stands and item frames. Is there a separate flag other than 'block break' that I should be using? Or is this not yet implemented?


There is.


damage entity =false
damage entity living =pass <- this is assuming you don't already have this set to something else.
damage entity hanging =false

In that order


If I'm running a pixelmon server will this cause issues with battles? @gravityfox

Also is there a way to block access to certain commands within a region?


The -client.jar is a lie.
There are no jars on the GitHub Release page with "-client" on it



Edit: Right now only FoxCore has a client. The same naming convention will apply to FoxGuard should a client side be added.