[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


There is your problem. As mentioned above, FoxGuard does not work with recent versions of Sponge - build #2162 and later. You are using one much later than that,.
Sorry, but you will have to either use an older version of SpongeForge, or wait until a new build of FoxGuard is available.


Or use GriefPrevention


Looks promising.
Is it able to handle mods to protect regions from mod items?


recommend use Redprotect replace foxguard for spongeforge 2162+. Wait for update plugins foxguard.


As of this afternoon, there is a potential build that fixes the event issue: https://github.com/FoxDenStudio/FoxGuard/releases/tag/v0.20.3-untested-hotfix

Please note that this has not been rigorously tested, and may contain other issues/bugs. As always remember to backup regions/links/etc.

Edit: after more testing it seems to still be broken on some builds, and work on other new ones. A real fix should be posted within the next week.


This build should be compatible with API 6. Like always, make backups first though.

This was tested by three people, and on the latest builds of API5 & API6


Okay so, I'm having a bit of trouble setting this up, and I wanted to know if it was possible, even, before continuing :smile:

I'm attempting to set a Safari Zone up for my server. I want the players to be able to enter, but not throw Pokemon out. However, I want Pokemon to spawn from the spawners. Is there any way to allow this?

I have figured out how to not allow Pokemon to be there at all, but it seems with what I have that it's either all are allowed, or none are.

We are running FoxCore 0.10.3-208 and FoxGuard 0.201-api5-345 and SpongeForge 1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2160

Granted, I normally do not handle this side of our server. So if my ignorance is showing, I apologize.

Thanks for your time!


This should be possible. In theory, FoxGuard should be able to identify the cause of a mob spawn event, and prevent players from doing so whilst still allowing the 'world' to do so. (If you link a debug handler to your Safari Zone region, it will tell you which FoxGuard flags are being triggered with each event). I think the flags you'll need are mob spawn =deny for the default handler group; you might also need mob spawn =allow for the passive handler group.


Hmmm alrighty. Ill try that! Thank you for replying :smiley: Ill reply back if it doesnt work :stuck_out_tongue:






Aww :frowning:

Was looking forward to some mouth to muzzle

CPR will have to wait I guess


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It seems to have broke. I'm gonna try fixing it!


It's gonna be through the auth.spongepowered.org portal. Last i checked it didn't work reliably, but last i checked was a few months ago.


Fixed! Now let's stop spamming your thread with this!


:smiley: Okay!


When you release a new version? My console is spamming of FoxGuard errors (Last untested version) XD


I'm like... just starting to pick the project up again. It'll be at least a week until the mess has been untangled and i actually know what's going on again. I can't make promises, but i REALLY want to revive the project.



Today i've try to make appartement with this plugins, this work really well but i can't type this in the commande block because @p is not a player

/fg m handleur appart1 users members add @p

Can u fix this in the next updtate ?