[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


I use the untested hotfix and i get this error when i use this command:
/fg wand position aqua

28.05 02:36:40 [Server] Server thread/ERROR [Sponge]: Error occurred while executing command 'foxguard wand position aqua' for source EntityPlayerMP['winnetrie'/708, l='stormwind', x=-890.93, y=68.00, z=1320.47]: No value present 28.05 02:36:40 [Server] INFO java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present 28.05 02:36:40 [Server] INFO at java.util.Optional.get(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_45] 28.05 02:36:40 [Server] INFO at net.foxdenstudio.sponge.foxcore.plugin.command.CommandWand.process(CommandWand.java:119) ~[CommandWand.class:?]


Yeah, that's actually a bug in FoxCore, the wands are a bit broken. You can still use /fg pos to select co-ordinates. Have you tried the recent FoxCore build (#222)?


Yes tried it with foxcore-0.10.4-api5.2-222-server
I was aware that i can use the command instead.

I am also using griefprevention as a landclaim tool for players. How does that work in combination with foxguard?
Can FG also deny a player to claim the land within the defined FG region? I tried a few plugins like foxguard or worldguard, but players can still claim the land within the defined regions. However griefprevention has also an administrative claim option


You will find a couple of foxguard specific options in the list of claimflags, although can't give a detailed explanation of them. I'd still recommend using GP's native Admin regions to prohibit player claims, rather than mixing two protection plugins.


Yes i now claim a piece of land for example a spawncity with griefprvention, but i still would need foxguard to define that region with some flags. For example players should not die, no hunger, no mobspawn. Something you can't do with only griefprevention. Not as far i know


I'm pretty sure GriefPrevention can prevent entity-spawn, and Foxguard can make players Invulnerable, but I was not aware that either GP or FG could stop hunger. You can try overlapping the two region types and see what happens; if Foxguard's handlers leave everything else as passthrough it should probably work.


last i checked, hunger could not be easily stopped.

last i checked was also half a year ago though.


easy: make someone do it for you.
hard: do it and look up how to do it too! :OOOOO


I need flag for deny exp drop from ores when player finish mine in region.


Then it's time to DO ALL THE THINGS. Or some snazzy subset. Moar FoxGuard!


I couldnt use it on my 1.11.2 server. Could you pls update it to support api 6.x?


I will soon, but like, weh.


I am in the process of updating to api 6, although api 6 introduced some very annoying changes, so it's taking a little while.


Curious what changes are annoying?


The removal of getTargetWorld. Literally that and only that.

Don't worry about it xD

Err... @gabizou because i think i hit the wrong reply button.


In future. I need some specified block can break and place flag in handler.

Example handler :
block.test1 can break and place.


Is it possible to add a plugin feature like: to have areas where just specific user can walk in like a invisible wall that just allows some specific user to go through ? Or does this already work somehow?


That's already possible. Make a handler that has enter =deny for default, and enter =allow for that user (or permissions group, if you use a group handler), then link the handler to the worldregion(s) you want to use.


Oh okay pretty nice thanks!! :smiley:


I'm having a problem with itemframes, for some reason, the damage entity flag doesn't work, i'm still able to break/place items frames, and I use them for my shop. I've tried all different variations of damage entity, but none have worked, any help?