[API 7.0.0] 🌲 TreeDestroyage 14-DEV


Updated to SpongeAPI 3, should work on newest Sponge. Great suggestion! Will do that as soon as I get more time.
EDIT: Released 0.5a to actually make plugin work again.


Can I apply multiple items? (I want to allow all axes)


@FourFire @Nathan_Rabbe
Newest 0.6 version adds the possibility for multiple items.


Please let the felling will consume durability
Cut off a piece of wood to burn a bit of durability.


You mean, durability minus one for every log thats chopped? No problem, will do :smiley:


yes thanks:wink:


Can you also add possibility to replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. And replanted sapling could be protected for adjustable time ?



Could take some time, but I will see what I can do.


This is implemented in this version. It is a dev version though!


Looks like a great plugin


New dev versions out here: https://ci.mineguild.net/job/TreeDestroyage%20(Sponge)/lastSuccessfulBuild/
Tools will get used up and break (also play a sound!! :hammer:) . Also a couple of little fixes, including that the stacks were splitting because of NBT tags that Sponge adds for rotation.


Oh yeah, that was a MAJOR bug for me. Thank you so much!


For the new build, do I need to redelete the config, so all of my items will have to be reentered, or no?


No, I added a built in routine that will migrate the configuration file if anything format wise changed. The only thing I obviously can’t handle is downgrades, but any upgrade should be fine :slightly_smiling:


New recommended version 0.7 is out HERE. Have fun!


What does the new version add? (v0.7)


More optimization, make durability configurable. is the commit message. You can turn off the usage of durability, also I optimized the algorithms a bit. Additionally, I added Metrics so I can monitor the usage of the plugin better. You can opt-out of the Metrics any time using the mcstats.properties file in the configuration folder.


Sounds good! Players are loving the addition, back from Bukkit days.


New 0.8-DEV version includes sapling placement with configurable protection-time.
Get it now on Jenkins!
I haven’t tested it that much, if you encounter any bugs, please report!


Thank you very much :smiley:

I have just tested new version and it seems that there are some bugs.

  1. Function baseOnly does not work.
  2. Sapling replacement does not work for large jungle tree, mega spruce tree
  3. I am not sure if it is a bug but: Sapling replacment only works if you destroy bottommost log

And it would be cool if you add some of this features :smiley:

  1. Cooldown for tree dostroyage (time in seconds to wait before using treedestroyage again )
  2. Tree destroyage shouldnt work on player placed logs
  3. Make a message config (tranlation config with all messages)
  4. Add ability to set % chance of droping some items (like apples, golden apples and so on)
  5. Add ability to set worlds where tree destroyage works
  6. Add ability to choose on which type of tree, tree destroyage works and also replant sapling