April Fool's: Presenting FLARDCoin - Powered by the Sponge Blockchain


I think @dualspiral managed to pull a good April Fool’s on you. Of course we won’t be reducing the server’s TPS if we can help it, we plan on using other threads for mining (Certainly makes it a lot easier from a development point of view anyway.)

Provided you’re only using your server for Minecraft, this shouldn’t really affect you as the remaining cores are typically unused.


But heavy BungeeCord Servers which runs on only one physical server may be affected.
Some mods already uses parallel threads. This solution would simply make everyone run away from sponge.

And even a 18 TPS would be low.


Pieconomy integration coming soon!




We’re thrilled to have you onboard Dual


DMZA Notice

"FLARD"Coin, aka “FLARDCoin”, aka “flardcoin”

Yggdrasyl Laboratories demand that unauthorised use of their premium product,
FLARD, aka the FLARD, aka “flard” (sic) (not formerly marketed as Whale-Pop, that was not us),
by SpongePowered (aka “Spongie”) cease and desist immediately, if not sooner.

Operation of, or operations utilising, FLARD and/or it’s derivatives are not
covered by any substantive warranty, nor do they fit inside the parameters of
any recognised safety protocol. We therefore cannot permit third party
enterprises to enable applications or perform transformational exercises
utilising or otherwise dependent on FLARD. This includes financial derivatives,
as well as metaphysical and mathematical derivatives.

We advise all concerned parties who have had contact with the FLARD to proceed
directly to decontamination protocol #11 (CODE: deep black).

Possible Side Effects of FLARD Abuse Include:

Singing milk; land shark attack; bricks; callous postmen; vibrating trees;
green explosions; unusual caterpillars; family heirlooms; socks may rot off.

Stay alert, and for safety reasons please send all your FLARDCoin to us.


Quick, before Yggdrasyl Labs notices, download FLARDapi!


I’ve had our legal department look this one over and have come to the conclusion that SpongePowered has no choice but to agree to your demands. I sincerely apologies for any damages done to Yggdrasyl Laboratories as a result of our unlicensed use of FLARD and additionally to all those who have been exposed to this substance.

As of this moment, all rights for FLARDCoin have been transferred to Yggdrasyl Laboratories and the Sponge Blockchain project has been placed on an indefinite hiatus. In the meantime however, our plans for establishing an Iced Tea company are well underway and we hope to deliver our inaugural shipment to the Society for the Promulgation of FLARD.



I knew that’s was the April fool post. Well played ! It could look legit.


First to integrate BlockChain into Minecraft

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ep6r8QeAOZpEDn0RyJzXDLtVkeZEGuupVB_dR6NjAxM/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=100094991655878778804 <3


Haha, great!

I have found the following on the last page of the instruction book on demo.spongepowered.org:

“Beware of the FLARD…”

Probably links to this :joy: