Badge - Puts prefixes on peoples' heads


Errors. In the logs. They look like this.

And, while we’re at it, do you have any other plugins which display scoreboard data to the player (below the name, in the sidebar, in the tab list)?


I haven’t gotten any errors, but yes, I use Serverlistplus for my server, does that over run it?


I have no idea. I have never used ServerListPlus. Does it use the in-game scoreboard to display data?


Yes, it does use the in-game scoreboard to display stuff, etc text on hooter and such


If it uses the in-game scoreboard to display data, then it is not compatible with this plugin. As is said in the plugin description.


Any way for me to override it and put your plugin as a first to use kind of thing?




Would you be able to show how to set this up properly? Since you don’t have any guide on how to…


I mean, there’s no special installation procedures, and I’ve explained the config and incompatibilities. What more is needed?