Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


I actually had this in the last survival map that our server used.

Normal terrain, surrounded by amplified terrain, surrounded by void.


Gödel + FLARD = a system that is either inconsistent or incoherent


Bring over-engineered solutions
Simple fixes need not apply
Following repeated ablutions
SpongeDocs needs its own API


I pressed the Flock key, but the stupid sheep won’t obey.

Sponge: The Epic - Part 44.109

They broke through the barrier of Beta
Though now afflicted with versioning
New destinations: Gamma to Zeta
A host of new changes are burgeoning

Sponge’s chariot is gathering speed
With none of the targets at odds
Interminable meetings decide what we need
aka Several People Arguing Methods


In the old days, time was shorter so there weren’t as many of them.

The Gripes of Wrath

Lightning over ruined terrain
Mournful rain descends
Shadows hide the twisted remains
Of things that met bad ends

Everything is broken or bent
In this apocalyptic world
Staring icily from a battlement
Sits an angry little girl


Wait… What does the little girl have to do with the rest of the poem?


Heh. You haven’t met my daughter …


Lex is having a pool party with pizza. Nobody’s invited. – killjoy1

Over & Over

Update, Update, Update!
The players cannot wait
Make the latest
Into the greatest
Before it’s all to late

Sponge’s shiny new design
Supports version 1.8.9
When it’s stable
They’ll flip the Table
For the arrival of 1.9


This message was redacted by [REDACTED]
See your local supplier of black ink for less

Poriferan Asylum

Gibbering quietly in a corner
Spongy walls keeping you safe
No more messed up coremod order
Nor unwanted dragons to strafe

Unsuspecting chicken attacks
Sponge, Magic Forests & BoP
Picking flowers, buggy stacks
Things made the world just stop

Escape and try again, be free
Console showing nothing odd
Everything working in harmony
Time to add just one more mod


This is the story of @Joe_Schmo2840’s life right here.


The last meeting of procrastinators anonymous was cancelled due to … TBA


When a doc is too big as a table
We reformat it however we’re able
We’ll leave no “ifs”
Using animated gifs
Two frames per second of our fable

Zidane could dictate to a beat
Morse encoded rhythms all compete
With Inscrutable’s bongo
Tzk’s sign language video
Plus Saladoc’s semaphore to be complete


Ahmet the baker advises: ‘Jam Donuts’ is NOT an instruction.

Programmers Mantra #17

The two hardest tasks:
Cache Invalidation, Names,
Off-by-One Errors


Rule 12: There is no rule 7.

Here It Comes … There It Goes

A boatload of changes arrived
With Minecraft’s 1.9 release
Multiplicitous features connived
To make Sponge’s burden increase

If you desire current .docs
You may be out of luck
As a minor consolation
You may now read the .ducks


Can we make this an eBook? Or maybe a hardback.


+1 for an eBook


If SpongeForge is Block 19, then is SpongeVanilla Block 19:1?

Rise of the Resonant

The SpongeForge Demo Server has been
Maintained by our thinly stretched team
Chefs of Resonant Rise
Will cook up a surprise
Their latest Sponge-cake, Block 19


Curiously, I now know what it feels like to be a bowl of petunias.

Spectacular Splatter

Spectating can be somewhat lethal
When changing mode, be careful that
A short flight over the local steeple
Does not end with a sickening SPLAT

A drop of mere inches can become
Expanded to untenable acceleration
This might seem exciting for some
But to most a mere source of frustration

Perhaps one task still outstanding;
To make for a less lethal landing.

Testing relies on abundant good sports
Volunteer guinea pigs for something
Players embedded in bridge supports
Or swimming in lava, or plummeting

Nothing is quite as demanding
As the regular trial-by-fire
Let new players make & break everything
As the test body-count climbs ever higher

Admittedly it should now be clear,
To wisely choose where to reappear


Sponges were meant to fly
Reach up, Forge the sky
Can’t stop, Vanilla too sly
Block 19 from Resonant Rise


Bravo, I see smell competition for @Inscrutable :wink:


If I can get enough big log-files, I’m going to build a Log-file Cabin.


Funny little symbols
I wonder what they mean
A sea of them erupted
Flooding onto my screen

How many days, I wonder
Has this cascade flowed
From a teensy tiny error
In someone else’s code

The log file, in it’s splendour
Dwarfs the game save data
Perhaps it needs some repair
I’ll get 'round to it later…


What’s the tune that post goes with? I can imagine in my brain when reading it, but maybe not everyone can.