Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)

I think I got this oneFeather


“In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice, there is.”
– (probably) Jan van de Snepscheut

Bards Riddle #4

Made from nothing
By taking away
I continue growing
And making a fray


“Never trust unverified sources on the internet” – Abraham Lincoln

Rime Riddle #5

Once foretold by sands
Suns shadow kept it true
Re-embraced by cold hands
The circle turns anew


“Doo-biddy doo-wop-wop say what yeah” – The Circle Jerks

Rime Riddle #6

Behind everything it hides
Creeping into all divides
Growing tall
Until nightfall
And then it comes inside


It ain’t easy til the fat lady plays the banjo as the ship sinks in the west.

Rime Riddle #7

Once we were ubiquitous
'til machines began to farm
Many sheafs were felled by us
Tiring the tiller’s arm


I choose to support the OpenCart industry. I buy all my horses from the GNU Hurd… Well, not “buy” per se. I simply go and take them, in line with the GNU philosophy. – excerpt from “The Adventures of Richard Stallman in the 18th Century”

Less Q More A

The questions to these answers
Have already been shown
This spoiler then enhances
The mystery of the known

1. Wheat (or any cereal crop) 2. Sand 3. Feather (or quill) 4. Hole 5. Time (or clock) 6. Shadow 7. Scythe


"What does the cloud symbolise? Is it hungry? Is the dog hungry? Whatever happened to Constantinople?
YAY DONUTS!" – my review of an artistic work by Me4502

Counting to One.Dozen

The editors keep editing
Developers go on developing
The redditors keep redditing
And entropy is still entroping

Imminent next revelation
Revising the world you know
Updating our destination
Spongie has much to show


<sibomots> git, i love you. <git> i love you too, sibomots – overheard on an IRC channel not very far away…

Parroty Check

For every budding potter
There is fired terracotta
With many tesselations to confuse

A suite of dyed concrete
Renders colours complete
Yet they forgot to add the concrete shoes

Practice poisoning parrots
Or choking them with carrots
Do whatever it takes to cease the din

Persistently reminded
Of each little thing you find
Plus a book to store your spare brain in


Now available: Imaginary FLARD! Buy √-1 get √-2 FREE!

The 3 E’s

Spongie’s sweet embrace
Stretches, expands and extends
Concluding with “squish”


“The goal of Sponge is always to provide inter-mod compatibility and as much descriptive console spam as possible.” – gabizou

Rime Riddle #8

Suspended for a moment
The dancers leap and twirl
After the excitement
They lay down and furl


<Wolfizen> what _is_ FLARD, after all? is it just a metaphor for something larger? <Wolfizen> these questions can only be answered with Truth <Inscrutable> Truth. I have a small box of that in a safe, in case of emergency. <killjoy> Inscrutable, you can't handle the truth <Inscrutable> No, I use special tongs. That stuff is highly infectious, apparently.

Rime Riddle #9

Made of no metals
They shimmer like gold
Fragile as petals
Yet a danger to hold

Answer #8A Dandelion Clock



Indeed, that is Answer #9. It could use a spoiler, like your last one :wink:

Just to clarify, Answer #8 refers to Riddle #8.


I didn’t notice that, I thought the answer was to the same question sorry


Is a list of configuration files actually meta meta metadata?

Rime Riddle #10

A dozen dandies rumbled
Their titles counting ten
But their days are numbered
Each is his brother’s end


Me: Cortana, I put a pizza in the oven. Remind me in 20 minutes.
Cortana: We have launched the missiles, Mr President.

Rime Riddle #11

Trouble for a knight
A worry to each blade
In blood-stained fight
They slowly are unmade

Answer to Riddle #10Calendar Months


Equestrian Nose-Flutes for sale, F#, pk.44 (used). Apply within.

Rime Riddle #12

Holes hold it fast
To an ultimate goal
As it too is passed
Through one more hole

Answer to Riddle #11Rust

Answer to Riddle #12Shoelaces?

Answer to Riddle #12Golf?


Somewhere, somehow, something profound is probably happening

Rime Riddle #13

The stuff of nightmares
In friendly clothes put
The eyeless head glares
Many legs but one foot

Answer to Riddle #12A Button