Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


After looking at the (residence) code it seems like it would almost be easier to write pore instead of porting it -- barteks2x

Opt or Opt Not

Hit the head of the nail
Make your plugins entail
Our very own holey grail
…The Spongiest numbers around

Spongie’s box of tricks
Brings Ore’s latest fix
Kicking in Sponge metrics
…Now counting up, not down


Trying to earn the achievement: Read the docs completely... -- ST-DDT (PR#757)


Programmers seem wont
To a self-censored font -
Omitting semicolons from their text.

In ancient Greek theory,
They indicated a query;
Is this the reason they are vexed?

They need not bring anguish,
For no matter the language,
They assist in clarifying facts;

For they merely denotes pauses
For separation of clauses;
Breaths taken in between tracts.


pi what be the haps
so 80s that was you know
a dog barks out side – haiku by sibomots

My eyes are frail, my knees are dim, everything is going grey.
I need a bath chair to recline in. Who are you people anyway?


You’re acting like a caveman who found a cordless drill – Pdan4

Sponge: The Epic - Part 64.621

Sailing o’er the horizon
The crew bent on discovery
New lands to set your eyes on
Fresh treasure for recovery

Exploring the secret spaces
We shared our invitation
Wandering lost in places
That beggar imagination

Volunteers became the bait
For creatures or machines
To disintegrate by Stargate
And other amusing scenes

Nothing here can stop us
Although we wonder why
As we watch developers
Plummeting from the sky

Spongy lands are manifold
Across the digital straits
Spongie is now 4 years old
With an empire of many states


I don't like commas -- phit (going into a comma coma)

Ripples in the Foam

Nothing really changes
Time simply rearranges
Parts in a deterministic path

Temporally traversable
In principle reversible
Like precipitating crystals from a bath

Backward becomes forward
Making reason awkward
As events commence to precede cause

Time’s arrow flies both ways
To the start and end of days
Ripples traveling in between the shores


"17 remain dead in morgue shooting spree"

Solve to Resolve

Riemann riddles us
The periodicity
Of the prime numbers


“I like spongeforge very much but it’s going to be a very bad game experience and I’m going to turn off the spongeforge server and I’m going to make it better and I’m going to make it better and I’m not going to make it better and you’re going to do it” – 5aihx


In the channels there lurks an odd Bot
Which decides if you’re human, or not
She sends candid notes
To analyse your emotes
Then harvests your organs on the spot


Any machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough

The Hardest Thing

Traditional diamond swords
Really should not cut it
When mowing down the hordes
Their physics are untrusted

Crystal shovels also suspect
Axes scarcely credible
Armour a decorative object
Fitting would be terrible

Diamond’s special privilege
Can be brought to the fore
When you really want an edge
You’ll need a diamond saw


non fueris locutus nomen Rex flavorum

Tinkers Blues

Made my latest tool
Lost it like a fool
Not being very careful where I laid it

I meant to take a rest
Put it down as a test
Then the freaking coffee table ate it


Showing up is 80% of success. – Woody Allen

Here or There

Players all online
Server doing fine
Like ambrosia wine
The perfect anodyne

Because they’re AFK
Nobody here today
Temporarily away
Keeping lag at bay


It’d be a lot more convenient and exciting to find, say, a blueberry patch in the wilderness.
Or a flock of turnips. Maybe even a herd of cabbage. – Natesky9

Laundry List

Whenever things are used
They lose some of their order
Progressively more confused
Like ink dispersed in water

So it is with washing
Things move outside the box
You can find yourself with nothing
Except eleven pink socks


If the lady of the lake rode a horse, would it be a Mare?

Pi in the Sky

Strange equations tantalize
But they feed only the eyes
Why should I care about -iπ
When there isn’t a slice for I ?


“I thought a 70s plastic troll would be a good signifier for the whole of human art and culture” – Barry Andrews

Just One FAQ

Sponge was tabula rasa
The slate freed from legacy
No ancient API to master
From bukkit we’ll be free

Yet these questions forever
Documentation never wins
Too many echo together
Can I use bukkit plugins?

You can do whatever you please
Wear a teapot with a smirk
Fill folders with cottage cheese
Only Sponge plugins will work