Block 19 Modpack


Hello Sponge Community

We are here talking to you today about Block 19...

What is Block 19? It is a joint effort between the mod pack development group behind Resonant Rise and the Sponge Development team to bring you a larger, prettier, flardier version of the Official Sponge Forge Test Pack. Quantifiable; bigness, beauty, and stability are not guaranteed :wink:

All joking aside we here at Resonant Rise are happy to announce we shall be assisting the Sponge Development team to move Sponge to the ATLauncher under the name of Block 19! Block 19 will be a streamlined Forge based mod pack, initially being built in 1.8.9 using the Official Sponge from Technic Launcher as a base, after the initial build we intend to throw some RR flair into this pack without going overboard.

Now, why does this concern you the community? Frankly, after we start tossing mods in this adds a chance for instability, and instability needs to be tested for, and to test it we need you... yes, you the community, we are calling upon a select handful of members (a very small group) to help us to make sure we release a pack that has been tested before we push it to the general public.

So if your interested in helping us build the future of the Official Sponge Forge mod pack here is what you need to know

  • 16+ years of age - Please note this is due to the environment you will be working in.
  • Set aside 2 hours a day (minimum 14 total hours a week) to testing the pack.
  • Able to use Teamspeak (mic not required but preferred) we use TS to communicate and hold our weekly meetings
  • Able to be descriptive in submitting issues, we need quality reports so we can convey the issues to both sponge developers and even mod developers so that we can help them get to the root of the problem and find a fix for them.
  • Able to make mandatory 5pm EST Saturday meetings, we hold these meetings to get a good base of where we are with mods and testing them, now that said mandatory these are we understand that life comes first, we just like to know when and why you can't.


Please apply with the below link



If you have any questions, comments or concerns. Please direct them here, @ryahn or #rr on espernet




Sounds like fun, I'm in.


It will be fun but there will be times it wont. Sent you a PM as well


drats! I'd like to but unfortuanetly I cannot because I work on sundays till 1600 CST :frowning:


We can make an exception for you. Fill out the application and I will send you a PM


Still going to be able to download sponge, forge, etc by itself as well right? Or am I reading this wrong?


You can, yes. But I highly suggest using the pack once its out. We will config fixes, mods that work with sponge or updates in general to make it work with sponge.


Well the thing with that is, I mainly run a pixelmon server, and I know client side that a lot of mods dislike pixelmon for some odd reason :stuck_out_tongue:


This is "just" the Modpack which you need to access the official sponge server (Block19).

SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla will always be available seperately :wink:


Ah I must have misunderstood you. As @Tzk stated, this only for the SpongeForge Community Server.


I'm very interested in testing but I have some questions as well.


Made an update to the application and OP. Meetings are changed from Sunday to Saturdays. If SoS is on that Saturday, the meeting is held 2 hours prior.