Block Monitor - A plugin that monitors what players do ingame and logs it!


Hello, can you support more data storage method like Mysql?
And, there is an error happened when players use season sensor from the mod, Tough As Nails.


mysql support will be in the next version and its not about more data storage its about column size(which i though would be more then enough) apparently i was incorrect. could you make a issue on github please


Dos it supports watson?

It would be awesome if it did because we could visually see what the player did directly in the world


When you add MySQL support, will it include a data purge feature? (aka being able to remove all data before 4 weeks for example).

Our main issue with prism right now is it has no such feature and is filling up our SSD’s frequently, meaning we have to reset our mysql database alot


Why don’t you set up a cron task purging older records ?


i ment to post this earlier but i am no longer working for dawnmc as such it will be up to others at dawnmc to continue this project



That’s a shame, I don’t think Sponge now has an active working logger plugin, it has always been a basic/core plugin to manage servers.


Ok im back and continuing work on this!


Status update

Stage one

Ok so im currently working on adding full support for a range of databases namely mysql also rewriting some bits to make it considerably easier to manage events(and hopefully reduce size of database entry’s) this might take a bit of time but should be work it down the line as it will make adding new database adapters easy!

Stage two

i will then begin porting to sponge api 7 and possibly backporting to api 5(if its easily doable).

Stage three

i will also look at possibly implementing watson support(im yet to have a proper look at there api but as long as its fairly good il try)

After that

i will look at adding extra bits like data purging(possibly) and maybe some other bits like possible a client side GUI but this isnt decided, planned or by any means confirmed.


but how do you trace people’s blocks


Hello, I am looking for a logging plugin and found this. I just have a few questions.

  1. Is this plugin still being developed and maintained?
  2. How is this different from prism?
  3. Does this plugin have rollback capabilities?

Thanks in advance