ChangeSkin [v3.0] for Sponge 7 - Custom skins


I could implement something like queue which will upload one skin per minute per account.

You can upload the skin by this command
/skin-upload url [name]

[name] this is optional. If it's missing it will be generated automatically using an id number.

Then you could use it with either /setskin skin-{name} or /skin-select {name}

EDIT: But I first want to find a good solution about the thing above.


I stay tuned for any update, keep it up :fist:


After you install the skin at the next logon to not log on to the server.

Latest ChangeSkin.jar


Are you sure your database settings are correct?


Yes. Entrance is possible only after removal of ChangeSkin.db


Please use the latest version from ore.


Comment please:


You could easily just ping me with @games647 on the ticket.


New version is uploaded where you can upload skins. Please report bugs if you found something.


Can't access


Just download it from Spigot. It has support for BungeeCord, Spigot and Sponge.


Your plugin is really cool, but unfortunately not working on API 7.

Any progress with update on Sponge API 7?

Thank you a lot,


Could you explain what doesn’t work. Do you have any errors in the log and what did you tried for testing?


To by honest,
I’m not really sure, if I install it properly.

I tried to install version “ChangeSkinSponge” and “ChangeSkinCore”. After this I tried to install just “ChangeSkin”, than “ChangeSkin” and “ChangeSkinCore”.
Nothing worked.

Nothing worked. Here is an error from server start:
And here, when I tried to run a command:

I’m running latest Sponge 1.12.2 version 2666. Forge


No you should download the normal version, because it contains the shared components between platforms too. Furthermore current versions are under heavy development. So please try build # 27 or earlier.


Unfortunately the error is in build 27 too.
Should I wait for newer version?
I want to run it on Sponge API 7.0.


Looks like it failed to load the proxies. I fixed that.

I temporarily uploaded a new version here:


Thank you very much, it is working now.
Just a small question.
When I recieved the new skin, in which world is the player teleported?


is your plugin working on spongeforge 1.12.2-2586-7.1.0?
in my server the plugin causes crash.


Which plugin version do you use and could you please post the error log.