ChangeSkin [v3.0] for Sponge 7 - Custom skins


I tried to use your last build on Jenkins.
The normal version, the universal version and the sponge version.
And not worked.

Here is the full log


Try build 55 and always use the universal version.


The plugin was loaded this time, but still not working to me.
When i execute the commands, nothing appears in the chat.
When i joined in the server after execute the commands, nothing was happens, i continued with Alex’s skin.


Could you post the server log again please.


This is strange, the server didn’t generate any log and the plugin was loaded correctly (Build 55 universal version). It just is not working.


There should be a log. It even creates one if there are no errors.


I found this on the server initialization log:


Did you changed the SQL driver to MariaDB like stated in the config?


Do I need to do this even using only sponge forge?


You’re right SQLite or H2 should work too. Could you message me your config?


Doesn’t work for 1.12.2


Update it does work, but the slim models don’t work.


Please download a dev-build.


where can i get them?



thanks, but which one would you preffer?
i tested out build 100 and build 99 rn and none of them worked properly.


Do you use SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla?


i was using spongeforge although build 98 worked fine, so cheers!


I have a problem. everytime I run the setskin commands I get an "error occurred while executing command:null

I use luckperms and everything is setup correctly. any advice? I really need this to work because a server full of steves is boring


Post the server log please.