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Hi, My name is Clienthax and I am a hobby Java developer.
I helped implement the data API in sponge when it was first starting out and have worked on a few large mods such as Pixelmon and Chococraft, I have also worked on private commisions which are NDA’d :slight_smile:

I have made a few Sponge plugins but only a couple of them are publicly released, while the rest are in use on server networks.

One of my cosmetic plugins is Musicbox

Rate is per project, and will depend on the complexity of the Plugin, and what is needed for it to function, Payment will be done via PayPal, with a 50% upfront cost of the project payment before work is started.

You must have a full specification for the Plugin, this will detail all required features and functionality.
Any changes to the specification after I have started work on the Plugin will be chargable depending on the size of the change.
Once work has started on the project, There will be no refunds of the 50% deposit if the project is cancelled by you.

Minimum rate for any ‘Simple’ work is £20

You can contact me via Discord (my Discord Tag is Clienthax#0694), or via the forum.


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I wish you the best of luck! ^^


Hax Hax Hax Hax…

Good luck :slight_smile:


Huge vouch for CLienthax! Did great work in appropriate amount of time and was always there to answer questions! Amazing person to work with.


Msg me on discord :smiley: KyleCG#5034


Coded me a few plugins and all work well :kissing_heart:


This guy is awesome! I asked for a job to be done and he was super friendly about it and finished it in no time. the job done was great and I couldn’t have asked for more! Definitely recommend messaging him if u need something done! Great job :smiley:


This guy is awesome! he can fix all issue very faster. my plugin have somuch issue he can fix it all in 1 hour. and very cheap price for it. I recommend him can do everything you need if you need good work ask him. Great Job.