CommandSigns Reloaded - Create signs that run commands!


Great plugin, I’ve been needing this for a while! Can you make the: [CommandSigns]: Executing commands - when right clicking a signs, a toggle? It ruins the immersion sometimes. Thank you though!


In the config file there is

silent: false

set it to

silent: true

to disable messages


A new version has been released for CommandSigns Reloaded, it is available for download here.

Added delay between commands


Ah, thank you! When I checked the config I only saw the signs, so I didn’t know it was there. Thanks though!


one thing maybe to add would be like an item cost for the sign? say a player is holding like a fish with a special name or enchantment or something, the kid needs to click the sign with it to make the sign take the item and run the command?


Could you make it possible if its not already possible the ability to attach to any block? not just signs. would be amazing.


A new version has been released for CommandSigns Reloaded, it is available for download here.

Added ‘/cs unsafe’ to allow other blocks to be used as signs


i take it if you enable silent = true it will remove the [commandsigns]: executing commands from being shown in the chat?

#49 errors with /csign remove 1


Hey there, Thanks for this wonderful plugin. But I’ve a little problem. What ever I do, I can’t let my default user use the signs. This is a permissions problem because me, as an admin (with “*” permissions), I can use them. I’ve given the “csigns.use” permission to my default users (also “csigns.version” for testing) and when they right click on the signs, nothing happen. Not even the “You do not have the permission…” message. I haven’t set any custom permission to the sign and all I want it to do is the “/list” command, which is working by writing the command directly in the chat. If I left click, It tell me that I don’t have the right to destroy a command sign, which is good. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, have a good day!


Yes it does-------


This is a Sponge bug, try restarting your server


Did you set “silent” to “true” in the config?


Thanks for your reply, No I have not


Do you have messages in the console?

Try the command “console:list”


I think it is caused by ObsidianBreaker, please update it


Doesn’t work either. Nothing show up in the console. As a side note, just to be sure and to be more precise, it is working as an administrator with all the permission on the server “*”. But not as a regular player which only has required permission to execute the list command, also “csigns.use” and “csigns.version”. So it tend to be a permission problem. When I right click on it, simply nothing happen in game and on the console. Like I would right click any normal sign without any command attached to it.

EDIT : Sigh… nevermind ^^ found the problem. The sign was in the basic server spawn protection. Removed the server.config spawn protection and everything work fine. I feel stupid now =P Sorry about the disturbing. Thanks for your help anyway!


Is there any way to make the sign not charge a player’s account if the command doesn’t complete properly. I am using Better Chunkloading and I am making a command sign that allows players to add additional chunks and charges them a fee for doing so. If the player hits the maximum chunk limit the mod doesn’t let them add any more chunks but the sign is still charging them. I want to find a way to not charge them if the transaction cannot be completed.


I can’t check if the command is successfully executed, sorry


You should be able to do that with CommandUtils. Hop on my discord server(linked on the Ore page) and then we can figure it out.