DeathPenalty - Withdraw bank account on death


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This plugin simply withdraw the bank account of a player when he dies


amount = 100

The command ‘/deathpenalty’ reloads the config, the permission is ‘deathpenalty.reload’


  • deathpenalty.bypass: bypass the death penalty




I think it would be better if you changed the plugin ID just a little bit, like death-penalty or so.

There is already a plugin which uses deathpenalty: DeathPenalty - A better keepInventory

Just for the sake of IDs being unique.


The old plugin is not uploaded on Ore, therefore no conflict occurs


Ikr but


Why’s the /obsidianbreaker command used?


It is /deathpenalty sorry


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Ore does not support ID change, sorry


Yeah right. But you could just recreate the project: Delete this and then create a new one but with the new ID. It isn’t that bad if you would do it now because there aren’t many downloads yet nor important changelogs.