DireWolf20 1.12.2 1.7.1 sponge BETA-2844


So, Hi!

I’m getting this:

Have no clue what it is…

It random and many times…I think that it have Sponge written allover.

My latest log:

fml latest:

I get a lot of help on discord thanks a lot for your support.
I don’t need to tell you guy about the DIM2 and generally DIM unloading and yes I can tell you that my server started and stooped dim2 300 times and made the server lag…I hope that you guys fix it soon :smiley:

I need you badly because i run this on bungee/waterfall think that it is important for you to know this too! :slight_smile:

Regards Mihion.dk


Reading the error. It seems like a plugin/mod Tinker Constructs is the cause.

 at slimeknights.tconstruct.common.TinkerNetwork.sendToServer(TinkerNetwork.java:98) [TinkerNetwork.class:?]
  at slimeknights.tconstruct.gadgets.item.ItemSlimeBoots.onFall(ItemSlimeBoots.java:168) [ItemSlimeBoots.class:?]

I maybe wrong.

You are probably seeing all the sponge errors because of how sponge works. Notably mixan tech.


Okay so if used the Tinker mod and it fails then how do i deal whit it?

Shall i just remove the mod or is there an better way?

Thank you!


Sadly im no expert with the tinker mods. Maybe there is a update or something. If not remove it



Did you find a workaround for the DIM2 problem am having the same issue


One of my admins sent me this link. https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeForge/issues/1961

I’m about to try it out


It helps, the dim i loading and it dos’t crash. Helped on my QQ DIM too.