DisableSkeletonHorse - disables skeleton horses when gamerule doMobSpawning = falsecan also remove skeleton horses on chunk load, using /gamerule removeSkeletalHorseSpecial thanks to pixelmonharmony.com


What version of Sponge are you using? if later then 5.0.0 I’ll update tonight.


Running API version 6.1, so yes it’s later than 5.0.


Apologies @Vauff if I was paying more attention I’d have seen the version in the filename.

Testing now, uploading shortly.


A new version has been released for DisableSkeletonHorse, it is available for download here.

Update for API 6


Will this be updated for API 7? or will the API 6 version work for 7?. I’m building a new modpack for our community on 1.12.2 and we love this plugin for our 1.10.2 servers (I hate skeleton horses and their dang riders)


Is this still being maintained? We now have 2 1.12.2 modpacks for our community and EVERYONE hates the skeleton horses/riders. I would love to be able to use this on those servers.