🦅 Eagle Factions 🦅 (1.10.2-1.12.2) - A simple yet powerful war-plugin!


Both bugs should be fixed here but You need to check it by yourself because as I said, It is working for me with the data you sent me.


Ok thanks you it works

But,there is a problem that I have been facing for a few weeks.

Dupplication with the faction flag: use -> True

Looks this vidéo ; http://testflyff.livehost.fr/img/Desktop%202018.06.08%20-%2000.06.47.03.mp4


Huh, I will see what I can do with this. :slight_smile:

The player who is doing it is in your faction?

Temporary, If node disable-block-destroy-claims is set to true, try switching it to false and see if this helps.


Truce could be another relation in addition to Alliance. So that way, you could be more flexible with permissions. It is present with the bukkit/spigot factions plugin.

I think one way alliances worked in an older version, but basically like one faction considers a faction an ally but they don’t consider it back.


The disable-block-destroy-claims true or false don’t work

Other: Try with a bucket of water on the tallgrass in a claim


You really have to change faction management because EF takes as many resources as Pixelmon on my machine


@Heriptik Well, Pixelmon is a pretty big mod. EF stores every faction in the plugin to get them fast if it is needed. I may add a switch where you will be able to stop using “caching”. This will consume much less memory but getting a faction from the file will take more time.

I will check the problem with flags and buckets today/tomorrow.

@illuminate128 Hmmm… sounds good. I am unfortunately out of ideas of how to implement it so this need to wait a bit but I will add it to my To Do list. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not save everything in a .db or in a database external (ex : luckperms plugin)

or do like the faction on bukkit / spigot (1 file by people / faction .json)


Database will be available in 1.0.0. I don’t have time to do everything at once.

The thing you are saying will work exactly the same like now. You need to go through all files and find the faction you are looking for. If there are 100 factions then it will take some time before finding the correct one. Having everything in the memory is much faster.

I will try to do as much as possible to improve performance but it will take time. :wink:


Ok, can you add purge faction ? (30 days inactivity)

And add possibility kick offline player


Yes! I am working on it. I have it in my To Do list. :smiley:


For when adding purge is plannifed ?


Honestly I don’t know. Maybe this month. I took a brake now from coding for a few days.

First tasks in my To Do list are Possibility to kick offline players (as well as purging factions but this will take a little bit more time I suppose) and adding A list of blocks that players will be able to interact with in someone’s territory. So these two will arrive first but I don’t know when. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no alternative at the moment to delete inactive factions?

This update would be good for big servers


My friend, he’s only human and you’re asking for a lot of him. Give him some space to do his updates and what not, developing isn’t easy.


@Heriptik The only way to delete an inactive faction is to get to know which faction is it and remove it manually from the file.


Ok, can you add the possibility to disable tracking entities (for all entitites) because this makes bug server (Pixelmon)

At the moment EF takes 35% of my CPU (dedicated server)


Eagle Factions does not „track” entities, not constantly at least, but it also depends on what you mean. The only thing EF is doing is checking if a mob is spawning in the SafeZone and checking if player is changing the chunk while moving.


I contacted the developers of Pixelmon on the support about my lags with a Spark, here is the answer :

Your lag issue is definitely EagleFactions.

Eagle Factions uses 35% of your CPU on event listeners, loading claims. It’s starving your CPU as you have no room for other processes to breathe.


@Heriptik Go to Eagle Factions github and create an issue there.

It will be easier for me to manage it and you will be also notified when it is done.
Write there what plugin version you are using and what minecraft version you have.

Describe it as much as possible. I don’t really know what a Spark is so you need to write everything you know. (It this entity moving, doing something with blocks, grabbing things, attacking players etc.)

Besides this… Loading claims is very powerful function. By that I mean it can take much time and resources if you have big amount of claims taken by players.
I really don’t have any solution to this right now but decreasing the amount of factions claims on your server.

I am updating the plugin constantly so this thing may get some improvements in the future (don’t know when) but you will need to try it later by yourself and see if you are satisfied with it.