[Economy] Total Economy v1.7.1


The thought behind it is to allow certain jobs specific permissions. Yes an owner can set it up but it becomes convoluted. Having it as a facet of the job plugin eases that.


Total Economy v1.5.1

The latest version of Total Economy has just been released.


  • CHANGE: Accounts configuration file now saves while the server is in the process of stopping
  • CHANGE: Changed the way display names are retrieved
  • CHANGE: Changed the way block ids are handled
  • CHANGE: Admin pay command can now be used to remove money (/adminpay [PLAYER] -[VALUE])
  • FIX: EconomyTransactionEvent no longer encounters a cast exception
  • FIX: Kills with bows are now properly handled

Download Here: http://erigitic.github.io/TotalEconomy/
Post Issues Here: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/issues/new


This happens when updated and tried to boot server
26.11 12:19:57 [Server] Sponge Plugin ‘totaleconomy’ seems to be missing a valid mcmod.info metadata file. This is not a problem when testing plugins, however it is recommended to include one in public plugins.
26.11 12:19:57 [Server] INFO Please see https://docs.spongepowered.org/master/en/plugin/plugin-meta.html for details.
everything runs fine just wanted to point out nothing else


Are there plans to support a ‘farming’ type of job?
As in require a crop to be a certain stage to receive the job reward for breaking?


I went through about 200 replys so I am sorry if this is asked or explained some where. Is their some sort of bonus for gaining levels? Fortune drops or anything?


Quick query re a config option for the pay / adminpay commands.
Is it possible to alter the name displayed as giving the money?
For pay it’s SERVER, and for adminpay it’s Server.

I’m anal enough that the change of case irritates, but being able to sub in the server name or something of the owner’s choice would be great :slight_smile:


@Zera_Fox There are plans to support a farming job in the very near future.

@Eyeball At the moment there is no bonus to gaining levels. This is something that is planned to be added in a later release though.

@AsyDRabbit This can definitely be added to the main configuration file. I will add this to the GitHub issue tracker and I’ll be sure to get it implemented in the next release. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Hey everyone, just released a quick update to fix the baltop command that can be downloaded here: https://erigitic.github.io/TotalEconomy/. Next big update is going to be all about making jobs more fun and in depth. Thanks for using Total Economy!


Will test it now! Works fine, Thanks! but the not getting any money from jobs is still a thing :confused:


Version 1.5.3 has just been released to fix an issue when having jobs disabled and also updates to the latest versions of Sponge and Forge. Get it here: https://erigitic.github.io/TotalEconomy/


Have you posted an issue on GitHub yet? If not could you do that? Thanks.


@Erigitic Any idea on how Total Economy could be more performant? The economy events are called on everywhere in Pixelmon and Nucleus, and they show up pretty much everywhere in my timings report - https://timings.aikar.co/v2/?id=7d01e1d0a38d49e1811e4014ce69fa32&section=all .


I don’t know but I am pretty sure there will not be much I can do as the events are called whenever they are needed. Is Total Economy causing performance issues on your server or is it just worrisome seeing the events being called in the timing report you sent?


FIxed it by letting it recreate jobs.conf when checked old file and new file had diff ids names like minecraft:iron_ore and in new one just iron_ore so recreated and adding cutom prices again which fixed it. sorry for that
also is it posssible to add custom jobs if i make them in same format as other jobs details inside jobs.conf?


It is creating performance issues, as the user file is constantly called on - probably would benefit from being a database, cache or else - like most plugins that are essential (PEX, LuckPerms, Nucleus), they all have a way to be able to curb the downside of having to sift through lines and lines of config. Since my server has been up for 6 months, all the balances of inactive players are getting stored in the config next to active ones; current size is of 1.61 MB. I had to remove the Jobs feature, as it was tracking and causing extra issues (block change would lead to an economy checkup, it was showing in the timings consistently).

Otherwise, a way to cleanup, or separate the data stored in accounts.conf would probably greatly improve these checkups. Using Pixelmon, this gets called every time a player battles something, and it can get quite heavy. You’d probably know more on how to curb low performance though, as I am going off of what other plugins with big data files have done.

EDIT: Since I also use Polis, all polis balance is stored in accounts as well… and I have 837 polises. Another issue there as well, as it needs to checkup on all these each time a user interacts with his/her polis.


@Erigitic Can you please add a take money option?
like /eco craigbrian take $5000
or maybe add /bal craigbrian take $5000
/pay craigbrian take $5000
really need this command like they had in Essentials other then that 5/5 Plugin :slight_smile: :3


Yes custom jobs are a thing! Here is the documentation on that: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/wiki/Creating-Jobs.


Database support is coming soon to make the plugin work better with large servers. Hopefully that will fix up any issues.


@Erigitic My Network is using 1.5.2 on MC 1.10.2, enjoy it and having a great experience. However there is one bug, when doing /balancetop it states “Error occurred while executing command: Invalid UUID string: Spawn”.


I want to avoid cluttering the post with bug fixes so please post the issue here: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/issues and I will gladly help you with this.