[Economy] Total Economy v1.7.1


All the hooks would have to be done on our end. I’m not sure how we could get this to work without actually making a Pixelmon version of the mod that will hook into these events. I will look into this a little bit and see what I can do.


From what I’ve seen on the forums, there and here, they’re generally quite helpful when it comes to allowing people to integrate.
@MoeBoy76 may be able to be of further use :slight_smile:


Is it possible to use /setbalance on players that are offline? trying to clean up exploited balance being hidden on accounts and I get an invalid argument return on playername.

Thanks in advance!


It’s currently not possible to do this. It is planned though.


ETA on the baltop of say top 25?


I have been swamped with school work these past couple of weeks and have not had much time to work on Total Economy because of it. With that said, I cannot accurately give an ETA on that, but it will be released. Sorry.


no problem, was just curious, appreciative of all you have already done so far


Might you, perchance, add a config option to define/customize the message sent to players when they receive their salaries, beyond just toggling the notifications altogether?

Thanks for your time,
~ WryWolfy


This is planned for a later release. Thanks.


Getting this error in my console using TotalEconomy 1.5.3, SF 2188


I’m getting the same error when someone is fishing and they don’t catch anything


Please post all issues here and we will gladly get this fixed: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/issues. Thanks.


We have a development release of Total Economy out that needs testing, in particular the SQL portion of it. Development releases may have broken features and therefore are not recommend for production servers. Just in case, back up important data.

Download it here: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/releases/tag/v1.6.0-DEV.

There is a wiki page that shows how to set the JDBC database url for MySQL: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/wiki/Main-Config.

Please post any and all issues you encounter during testing here: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/issues



I love this plugin, but I have a couple questions. First, can you please fix an error where users can go into negative balances? And second, what are the permissions so that my players can set jobs? Thanks.


The error you are talking about should have been fixed in the development build. Also, all the permissions are in the main post above.


Would it be asked for too much if you could add an /admintake command so admins can directly influence the balance of players? My server and I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


You should add the permission totaleconomy.job.* to the list. Thanks for your help!


I am using the 1.6Dev version with 1.10.2 5.1 Sponge API and using Nucleus, my players are able to buy items and go into the negatives. Is this TotalEconomy or Nucleus’s fault?


If you use the database! I hope he is using the name, not the UUID
So support more servers
Or you can add an option to support UUID
Such as iConomy!
I hope to choose the table name!
So iConomy can use the data!


If you could post an issue here: https://github.com/Erigitic/TotalEconomy/issues/new, I would love to discuss this further. Thanks.