Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


Finally got around to implementing a potential fix. v3.3.1 should be available soon. That version will also contain an experimental GUI for the Sponge plugin I believe. I’m pretty sure that I had implemented it for the previous release that didn’t end up getting posted here. They forgot to update the thread for v3.3.0.


Version 3.3.1 released

  • Fix pattern layout for loggers
  • GUI Shop (Experimental, report bugs)
  • Fix NPE in SpongeInstructionHandler

Download Enjin Plugin v3.3.1


Hello, because I assumed it only worked on 1.10 deployments. Given the API version stated 5.x as the version of this plugin.

I hope this clear up why I thought it didn’t works on 1.11.2


I’ll let them know they should probably update the thread to say 5.x+ since I’m pretty sure it works with everything forward facing for the time being, until the Sponge team makes any breaking changes at least.


Hai something isnt going well with the headsigns. Some works okay (besides the fact that heads dont get set properly ~50% of the time) and others dont show names when im 100% sure there should be a name there as people have voted and people have donated.

Seems that latest donor, top voter and latest voter is not working. + the heads dont always display. And I havent tested this myself but do they actually update too?
Using 3.3.1


Edit: heads do seem to update after a while


By default signs should be updated every 5 minutes. I believe there is a config value you can change to increase/decrease the delay, but do keep in mind it comes at the cost of bandwidth, which for sign data tends to be relatively higher than the requests/responses. Ultimately I can only update heads with the data that is returned by the web api, so if it’s not present in the response it likely won’t be available to update in the game. Hope this helps.


Shouldnt there be a name of the person in question with the “Latest Donor”, “Top Montly Voter” and “Latest Voter”?
I understand why the heads can be iffy but it seems that for those 3 no data is recieved at all.


Not necessarily, I believe latest donor works for a certain time period, e.g. the current month, or something along those lines. You could very easily enable debug mode and check the responses that contain the stat data and see if there is anything included for those, if there is it could certainly be an issue with the code, but if not then it would just be that there isn’t any information to process for those categories. I’d highly recommend creating a ticket though since it’s not easy to provide any real support on a public thread.


Version 3.3.3 released

  • Improve checking of pending and executed command ids
  • Modify JsonConfig#load to make debugging config errors easier

Download Enjin Plugin v3.3.3


is PermissionsEx the only supported permissions plugin still? Asking as I very much dislike PermsEx.


I believe PermissionsManager will work, and likely any other permission plugin since EMP uses the built in permission api now, however, not all functionality of EMP may work the same with various permission plugins since certain functionality is not included in the sponge permission api yet.


But PermsEx is fully supported and allows all features currently?


@EZKatnipz I use LuckPerms for my permissions and use Enjin for all my automatic ranks. However I find that if a player is not online when Enjin ranks up, it doesn’t always work (I have a support ticket open for this), so I personally add the commands to the rank tags as well. If you need some help setting them up, feel free to PM me, I’ve been running Modded Minecraft Servers with Enjin for over 3 years now.

  • Alice Sellars


I see that Enjin has the ability to only run commands when a player is online. Assuming that means the command will wait to run until the player is online, would that solve that issue? I could be totally wrong about that, as i’m obviously just starting out with this.


So w/ that setting, whenever the server syncs next, if the player is online when the sync request is sent then the commands for that player that require they be online should be processed soon after.


If I remember correctly PermissionsEx should be fully supported. Doesn’t necessarily guarantee that there could be some unexpected behavior, but I haven’t really seen any reports regarding PEX acting up. As @yepidoodles mentioned, LuckPerms works with EMP as well.


Does the server sync automatically in intervals? Or when certain actions are processed? It kinds sounds like checking that box is a good idea.


Looks like we need an update for the new api changes in 1.12


I’ll try to get around to supporting 7.x soon.


Any news on this? I do miss enjin functionality :sob: