Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


We are still working on the plugin, but I am currently on an extended break to deal with some other things at the moment.


#Version 3.0.11 released

  • Improve skull owner handling
  • Tweak logging utility

###Download Enjin Plugin v3.0.11


Thanks for the update!


this started to appear after i updated to this:

seem to happen every time i login


Are you using PEX?


I get that exact same error on my server when I updated also. I am using pex at the moment.


Are you using api 5? I think this version is aimed for api 4. Could be wrong tho


EMP is still aimed at 4.1.0


I’m using:

  • spongeforge-1.10.2-2052-5.0.0-BETA-1675
  • forge-1.10.2-
  • PermissionsEx-Sponge-2.0-SNAPSHOT-b140

Everything was working fine with v3.0.9 except for the skulls (sometimes generate a error) and logging, hence the reason I updated.
Didn’t know it was aimed at 4.1.0, possible that a jar could made aimed for 5.0.0?


@Favorlock They lied to me!


I’ll have to look at PEX for your issue, because it appears to be unrelated to sponge, but rather to do with changes made in pex.


I tested on 1.10.2 and it worked fine, so no, they didn’t lie to you.


#Version 3.0.12 released

  • Update to Sponge API v5.x
  • Update PermissionsEx to Sponge API v5.x compatible version

###Download Enjin Plugin v3.0.12


Awesome thanks! no more errors when login in.


Hey, I’m still having the problem where my server appears to be offline with enjin and donations are not going through with enjin 3.0.11 and the latest spongeforge 1.8.9 - 4.2.0-BETA-1666. Any way to solve this? I tried to delete enjin and re-enter the key but that didn’t work.


You’re going to have to send in a support ticket. https://www.enjin.com/support


every time a player does / in chat there will be a error

same will happen if i do it in the console


Thanks for the report, I’ve patched the issue and it’ll be included in the next update. Can’t say that will be this month though as this bug shouldn’t affect the plugin adversely.


I’m confused as to something. Why are you the one who replies to people while @Chrisb is the one who posts releases?


Because that is the account that the owners of Enjin use. They manage the threads. I just work on the plugin and respond to questions.