Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


I sent in the ticket and I didn’t get much support honestly. I see that some servers have this issue and some don’t does anyone know how to fix this?


All servers running on sponge enjin has it, some just chose not to report them and rely on other’s reports.


Alright, thanks I was just wondering because I see some other servers staying online all the time and some offline. Thanks for letting me know once again :slight_smile:


Getting this spammed a lot in console. We have scheduled Enjin Broadcast commands. They work. I just can barely read console because this spams constantly.
Sent in a support ticket as well.


Enjin web api is returning an invalid uuid format it would appear. I have some guesses as to what format the uuid may have been returned in, but I can’t be 100% sure of that. The debug would provide better output. If you can make sure that file logging is enabled and then generate a report after this bug occurs and send it to us on your support ticket I’d appreciate it. Tell them that I asked for it as well.


#Version 3.0.13 released

  • Minor bug fixes

###Download Enjin Plugin v3.0.13


Is there a working version for Sponge API 4?
The reason i ask because every Pixelmon server is still using API4 due to Pixelmon having to be run on an older spongeforge version.

30.08 12:13:12 [Server] INFO Minecraft Forge:
30.08 12:13:12 [Server] INFO SpongeForge: 1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1653
30.08 12:13:12 [Server] INFO SpongeAPI: 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT-1f5dac2
30.08 12:13:12 [Server] INFO Minecraft: 1.8.9


Last version supporting 4.x is v3.0.11. Keep in mind it will still have some bugs.


Hey there,

Is there anyway to get ahold of enjin for api4?
Or will API 5’s version work with api4?

Im running sponge 1.8.9
Odd thing is, it appers to be working, but the command /enjin
dosnt happen. /pex also appers to be running according to log files.
but, nothing happens. It says /pex and /enjin are not valid commands.

Is there something i’m forgetting to do?


Read the post directly above yours.


Would it be possible to re-run all donation store commands? ex. Give all the bought items to players after a world reset


Check the donation store module on your website.


Using api4 3.0.11, Votes don’t seem to register if the player votes while offline


We’re only supporting 5.x at this point in time.


Hey do you know why I’m getting this on my console?
Using latest sponge and forge for 1.8.9
Enjin version: 3.0.13


If I recall isn’t 1.8.9 API 4.x? As I mentioned above we don’t support 4.x. I’ll double check to make sure though and fix the bug if I find out what’s causing it.


Alright thanks, I’ll try downgrading to 3.0.11 to see how it goes


#Version 3.0.14 released

  • Fix bug causing commands not to execute under certain circumstances

###Download Enjin Plugin v3.0.14


@Chrisb Could you please add a /vote command? theres no available mods that does this


VoteRight has this.