Exception in server tick loop (world does not start until rebuild)


Hey there :slight_smile:
When I shutdown my server, and after some hours restart it, it cannot start until I delete the world.
Same issue happens with an 1.10.2 server. Can u maybe help me? :slight_smile: I read something about this happens when the server language is not English (mine is German), but it should be fixed since some versions.

---- Minecraft Crash Report ----



java.lang.RuntimeException: derp
Thanks internal Minecraft code’s saving mechanism for the helpful error message. That’ll definitely help us figure out what’s causing this.

or sponge. lol


Sounds not good. Any way I can help more?


It appears that your Sponge data is unexpectedly ending while its trying to be read. May have to wait for someone with knowledge of Sponge’s inner workings for this one.


I think this is level.dat getting corrupted. Check it with an NBT reader.


Any tutorial how to do that? :slight_smile:



Step 1: Download an NBT reader. Step 2: Open the file in it.
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Well I can open it and all :stuck_out_tongue:


Try opening the Sponge.dat file inside of one of the folders, or the root of the world.


I created just a new world. Actually working on an backup script so an corrupted world does not occur again.


If you are using Forge and Linux, https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/btfu-continuous-rsync-incremental-backup is the hands down best backup mod I’ve seen.