FlexibleLogin [v0.17] for Sponge 7+ - Auth plugin - 2FA



Here it is, finally, sorry for the delay. I hope you can find the problem.


Caused by: java.io.EOFException

That’s the reason for your error. Do you replaced the database at any time while the server was running?


No, I didn’t replace it… Can I delete the database then? Should it work?

Thank you for answer!


You could reset the database by deleting both database files, but this will remove all user accounts of FlexibleLogin.


Yeah, I know, I am running the private small server, so there is no problem with deleting files. Thanks for help!


Err, I have another question … Are there any instructions how to setup email recovery? I’m trying to do it on my own and getting errors … Thanks for help! Keep up awesome work!


Could you try it with 0.16.7?


I tried it, but gives error … Not know if setup is right, because I just created gmail account, set non-trustable apps login to true and thought it will work.


I found a bug. User is stick in netherportal. User can not type their login. How can I help this user?

Flexiblelogin blocks user coordinates on unlogged users. Can you make feature: if user is logining in portal, then run procedure to find nearest coordinate close to portal.

Algorithm. User coords is X Y Z.
If (user in portal) then:
Check (X+1, Z)
if (X+1,Z) is air, then
{ user coords = (X+1, Z) }
elseif (X-1,Z) is air, then
{ user coords = (X-1, Z) }
elseif (X, Z+1) is air, then
{ user coords = (X, Z+1) }
elseif (X, Z-1) is air, then
{ user coords = (X, Z-1) }

Maybe this 4 conditions help users sticked in portals.


You could port this user out.

The newest version should already check that.


games647, I have a 0.16.5 version only. You have release a new version?


Just take a look at the downloads page and enable safe location in the config.


In 1.10. 2, players can throw out items when they are not logged in, including the administrator creation bar, to solve this problem. Use spongeforge-1.10.2-2477-5.2.0-BETA-2793.


Sponge 5 isn’t supported anymore.


Does the upgrade improve on something in API7 MC 1.12.2?


What do you mean? If you mean changes of FlexibleLogin you can read the changelog.


Thank you. I think I used the wrong version.


0.16.8 has serious item duplication bug X( please fix this asap

putting some items in off-hand and swapping off-hand(pressing F key) causes item duplication


Does it keep the same after relogging? Furthermore please message me that in private so I actually have time to fix it. (responsible disclosure)

And a lot of details about your server setup is missing like server version, other mods and more. Therefore a bug tracker exists.


Update for 7.1 please