FlexibleLogin [v0.17] for Sponge 7+ - Auth plugin - 2FA


Could you add the ability to set your username as you log on?

It would be rather helpful… Setting a nickname doesn’t allow the use of commands through the displayname, so it would make things a lot easier.


Also; when using this plugin, I occasionally have people getting an error “Login Timeout” when connecting to the server, which then boots them.

Wut do?


Found the problem.

The default unit of time is milliseconds, thus I believe it was allowing users 0.06 seconds to authenticate. Disable or raise the time before disconnection in the config file, if you’re having this issue.


You mean with a mod?

I made a mistake. Here is the fix commit.


I mean as a feature of this plugin.

I don’t actually know the capabilities or limitations of Sponge, so I’m not sure if it’s possible… But it would be a nice feature.

If you don’t understand what I mean, then maybe I can sort of describe it…
Say I log onto an offline server and my username is Bob.
I would prefer my username to be Ted. I would then either use some command like “/username Ted” or "/login Ted " in order to accomplish my goal.

I seem to remember that this was available with some Bukkit plugin, but I’m unsure if the same thing could be accomplished with Sponge.

Anyway, thanks for discussing it with me. ‘u’


To clarify, I would hope that this username change could allow, say, two people to log into the same server with the same username, I.E. both people are logged into a Minecraft account with the username Bob, and then one player could change their username to Ted, and the other to Josh, then the two would be accessing separate player data files.


0.51 Tested on SpongeForge V.?


As far as I know this is only possible with NMS changes.

I don’t think so, because you can already switch between accounts from the minecraft launcher (“Switch user” button). Moreover it would break a lot of things like UUID or inventories.



After updating the plugin, it seems to be broken. Players cannot connect; they get “Login timeout” and the server gets errors. Problems went away after removing the plugin.
Edit: Nevermind, found new version (0.5.1) that fixed it.


Erm… nevermind the nevermind… Players don’t have permission to login! :confused:


In version 0.5 I added permission for server owners who want to disable commands.

Here the permissions list:

  • flexiblelogin.admin - Permission to delete accocunts
  • flexiblelogin.command.login - Use the /login command
  • flexiblelogin.command.logout - Use the /logout command
  • flexiblelogin.command.register - Use the /register command
  • flexiblelogin.command.email - Use the /setemail command
  • flexiblelogin.command.forgot - Use the /forgot command
  • flexiblelogin.bypass - Users who have this permission can skip authentication


So I need a permissions plugin for this plugin to work?? :anguished: I don’t want a permissions plugin!
Can you make it so that if there is no permissions plugin, the default permissions are used (like before)?

P.S. you need to update the original post…


What’s wrong with using a permissions plugin?


I do not want to mess with permissions and I do not need permissions. Once i install a permissions plugin, everything will be screwed up and I have to fix everything which is a huge PITA when I do not need it.


then you can just have everyone as ops idk… permission plugins are there in the world for a reason you know


you’re joking right?


idk… i lost my mind when you said you dont want permission plugins


Sponge’s built-in permissions implementation gives all permissions to ops and only to ops. If you don’t like that, you’ll need a permissions plugin.


Update to Sponge API 4.1.0 please


0.6 should already work with Sponge 4.1. Nevertheless I uploaded a new version just to make sure it is compatible.