FlexibleLogin [v0.17] for Sponge 7+ - Auth plugin - 2FA


It should already prevent that.


The TOTP support is a great idea! I never thought of this.
I wish I could let individuals switch from a password login to TOTP if they so desire.


Please how work email recovery ? i dont understand why it not work ^^'


Would it be possible to add sha256 or md5 hashing?


Fix Bug! in Forge1.8.9-1890 and Spongeforge-4.1.0-1320 and latest version.
I can't register when database connect in mysql. Error excuting command.

I upload picture of problem this completely.
You can cilck image for full size.


Hi, it doesnt work for me at the moment, im using spongeforge-1.10.2-2011-5.0.0-BETA-1560 and forge-1.10.2-, when i join the server it says connection lost, the world doesnt load and my nick appears connected in the server list so i cannot reconect without stoping the server, this is the console output:
in] at CLIENT
[00:10:12] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: [Server thread] Server side modded connection established
[00:10:12] [Server thread/INFO]: TEST[/ip] logged in with entity id 315 in world(0) at (2.208092022511704, 68.0, 0.08733569691862875)
[00:10:12] [Server thread/INFO]: TEST joined the game
[00:10:12] [Server thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [mcjty.lib.preferences.PreferencesProperties:syncToClient:31]: syncToClient: style = STYLE_FLAT_GRADIENT
[00:10:13] [Server thread/INFO]: TEST lost connection:
[00:10:13] [Server thread/INFO]: TEST left the game
Edit: using latest ver


I uploaded a new version, but I couldn reproduce your login bug.


thanks but now i have the same issue but i can reconnect so is 50% fixed XD, thi sis the console output when i fail to join:
and the latest log:
[10:52:18] [Server thread/INFO]: EstrellaEnder lost connection:
[10:52:18] [Server thread/INFO]: EstrellaEnder left the game
[10:52:18] [Server thread/INFO]: EstrellaEnder[/ip] logged in with entity id 310 in world(0) at (-6.5, 67.0, -8.5)
[10:52:18] [Server thread/INFO]: EstrellaEnder joined the game
[10:52:19] [Server thread/WARN]: handleDisconnection() called twice


That error is fixed, but I think your login issue has a different cause.


Yea, i now have this problem:
shoul i try the plugin without any mod installed?


Do upgraded Forge?

Maybe SpongeForge isn't compatible with the Forge version


i use forge-1.10.2- and spongeforge-1.10.2-2011-5.0.0-BETA-1560, are compatible.
do the plugin need any open port? because i have a firewall that only allow users to connect the server with 25565,
im testing it without other mods to see what happens
this is the config:
http://pastie.org/10906133 the messages are in spanish, feel free to use them

Edit: works fine without other mods installed, i will detetc which is causing the error

Edit2: ModControl was the problem, without that mod it works.
I noticed that i cannot withelist players in ofline mode so new players cant join when the mojang servers are offline, can you add a withelist in your plugin? or change te default withelist to accept withelisting players in offline mode, thanks! Or you can add an option to register an user from console or by an op and a command to disable new registrations from normal users so i can register a user, give him his password and then he can change it


The custom messages doesnt work


Unregistered player can move around the world, earlier it was limited to one block.

FlexibleLogin v0.9.1


Hi, we're having issues with this plugin. You can move around, type commands and do anything.

I'm using

FlexibleLogin v0.9.1

And this is my config:

Thanks in advance!


This version of FlexibleLogin is only compatible with sponge 5.X


Ah, okay, thanks for letting me know.


It would be nice to write about it in the note to release.


Can you add the possibility to create account in console server ?
Thanks ! :3


If possible, could we have an option to hide users typing in /register and /login or replace the with dummy text for the console?