Forge Mod vs Sponge Plugin for same funcation?


From a server administration point of view including setup, daily maintenance, and optimization. Without looking a one category or set of mods/plugins what is for common practice better to implement?

Would running a server mod take up more resources over a plugin?
Would with correct setup of permissions one be more secure over the other?
Does one API(I know forge is not an API) do certain task better or more effectively?

I did a search and found several posts with related info, but most were from 2017 or older. Looking at the latest Sponge API version and Forge.

Info for info.
Minecraft version 1.12.2 and 1.13 in theory.


If you are only going to do server side stuff, you should probably use the Sponge API since it has a lot more helpful systems like the Data API or the cause tracker. Forge is bare-bones, do-it-all-yourself. And if you find yourself needing Minecraft internals, or even the Forge API, you can still use them from within Sponge. Sponge also makes a bunch of optimizations, so it can be faster than vanilla in some cases. And to answer your question about permissions, neither is ‘more secure’ but Forge doesn’t actually have a ‘permission’ system whereas Sponge does (Forge permissions are hacked in by checking if a player can run a certain command, where the command is the permission node).


Sponge also has a smaller chance to break through minecraft versions


Good info the benefits of the Sponge, right now I am only looking in theory and taking in that the community has for both. With the expected Java 1.13 I see many Forge mods needing larger rewrites as well. For the time I will look at more Sponge and its options, to work on the backbone.