GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support



When using the trust system (/containertrust, /accesstrust), players can destroy any blocks, the blocks themselves do not fall out. A flag that prohibits the destruction of blocks is included, all other interactions with blocks are also forbidden.
And I can not allow players access to portals, the flag that allows them to use them is enabled. In non-privatized territory, everything is reversed. This bug is observed with portals from Cavern mod and portal to end.
Tested on: SpongeForge 1.12.2 Latest.


I am SO fed up of this. I get absolutely no support and finding constant problems. The current problem? I am trying to adminclaim an area using basic shovel mode and for some reason it is 3D by default, areas under my shovel are unclaimed. I CANNOT have this and it happens everytime and I am worrying that areas under my spawn and stuff are unclaimed. HELP.


Guys if you need help, best place to go is their Discord, and best place to report bugs is their Github Issue tracker.


Hello, my plugin is being used on my server
After I added griefprevention.user to the player
The player can not destroy the box, so I added griefprevention.flag to the player
Players can destroy the box, but also can enter the protected area broken and bad protection area of the box
How do I add permissions, so that players can normally damage the box outside the protected area, but also can not destroy the territory of the box
Thanks in advance for your help



griefprevention.user should have been the only thing you needed to do to give the effect you wanted, unless you changed the flags inside the claim. Check your flags inside the claim (/cf) and make sure the interact/ block break flags are false.

Hope this helps,



Does this have support for protecting picking up items?
Also, people can shear sheep in my protection, but it doesn’t drop any items.
Having the same issue with the roost mod. It kills the chicken but doesn’t drop any items. (Same interaction event)


Flags (wiki) or


Hii, my english it’s not good - i’m telling german. To read or found for my problem it’s writing here to much.

I have a buildingworld and extra farmingworld. Now i’m want saving the building world global against place and destroy. Like the spigot plugin with the command “farmworld: Disabled” and “buildingworld: SurvivalRequiringClaims”. The value “SurvivalRequiringClaims” save the buildingworld again destroying outside the claim.

Another Problem:
UniverseGuard2 setting in the “world.json” chests=false. If i’m change this to true, the server newstart resetting to false. Now user don’t have chests-access inside the claim - don’t permissions. Whithout the plugin UniverseGuard2 function access to chests. It’s give extra permission inside GriefPrevention for chest-access true?


If I understand correctly, you’re using BOTH Universe Guard AND Grief Prevention? This is probably why it will not work, you do not need both; delete one or the other and I’m sure the issues you are having can be resolved.


But GriefPrevention does not offer me the possibilities like the Spigot plugin together with WorldGuard. Players use the buildingworld for wild farm- and mining, instead of using the farmworld. As the plugin currently works, i can’t use it for my wishes and must manually protect the land for the players with UniverseGuard2. Too bad.


@pinkpoint The plugin seems that it would work just fine for your wishes?
You have 4 types of claims (Wilderness, Admin, Basic, and sub)
Wilderness is everything that isn’t claimed. So if you wanted to block something you just define it in the flag.
If you only want specific items you just target those items.
And wilderness is also world specific unless you use override.

GriefPrevention seems to offer everything you could need?


If I understand your problem rightyou could simply use global flags to solve your problem, correct me if im wrong


The config is very different from the spigot plugin. The documentation is very spartan and what results? I don’t even understand the possibilities of the plugin in the main features. I did not even find a link to the wiki of the sponge plugin. :frowning:


The big bolded area at the top that says wiki has the link below it.

It’s capabilities are to block all forms of griefprevention

Here’s the flags it supports

and if you don’t know what flag to set you can always use the debug


Thank you. I somehow had tomatoes on my eyes. English is not my strength. Nevertheless, I try to work through and understand. I hope I can manage my wishes


Hi, Sorry for my bad english but please anyone could help me?
I have a problem, I can’t understand how I could modify the tax-rate sytem. I want to change the amount of tax. Thank you


You use advanced options

you set those in your permissions plugin via meta data.
There is an example at the bottom.


I try but it does not change anything. The meta I set is: tax-rate-basic to default group. Nothing changes even when I do / gpreload. Some idea?


I just found this fork and got super excited for the amount of improvements added until I saw it was Sponge only! What a massive shame for such an amazing plugin, You’ve probably been asked this a million times, but ever considered a port for Spigot? Im sure the answer will be no, but to let you know there is a massive need for an updated GriefPrevention for Spigot.