Have plugins can ban item?


Have plugins can ban item?
the TNT is so Danger and terrible

By the way…Have any plugins like residence can protect owner home?


For your second question, you might want to look at GriefPrevention, FoxGuard, and RedProtect.


You can use EssentialsCmds blacklist feature to disable tnt by doing,

/blacklist add minecraft:tnt

This will prevent players into getting TNT. It will take it from them.


Here’s something I’ve been working on


For those that may not know this works with Biomes-O-Plenty 1.8.9 https://github.com/trentech/StackBan/releases

eg: /sb add biomesoplenty:sapling_1

This is the Sacred Oak Sapling how to get I.D press F3 and H on keyboard at same time.

@TrenTech thank you for a great simple Ban item plugin works Great! :slight_smile:

/sban add

/sban remove

/sban list

/sban log



Didn’t realize anyone was using this. Ill have to revisit it soon.

I will also note you can use the permission stackban.admin to bypass banned items


What happened to this?