Help with disappearing World Chunks


Entire chunks (exactly one chunk wide) have just vanished.
This happened to my last world from a year ago as well. But back then I was using Random Terrain Generator and thought it was their bug. However, it’s happening again.

I don’t even know where to begin diagnosing this problem since it’s so random and no one I’ve asked has ever had any similar problems.

Running Pixelmon, Spongeforge, Pre-genned with Nucleus. Don’t have any other mod/plugin that would affect terrain

Edit: The swamp next to it has also been turned to an ocean biome… corrupted?


Are you familiar with chunk errors and are you sure this isn’t one?


Update: Yeah it was a chunk error, was checking backups and this happened after editting the world with MCedit.

Guess this time’s error didn’t have to do with my last world’s random disappearing chunks. Hopefully that was just a bug with Random Terrain Gen and I won’t see any more in the new world