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Holograms v3.0 for Sponge v7.0.0 released!

Fixes crashes.

A new version has been released for Holograms, it is available for download here.


  • Fixed bug

Hello! i am using the exact same version of Holograms on 2 different servers. Both servers are the same map with the same holograms and same config. On the second server, I get the same spam as i reported on December 17th. Only this time it goes on for minutes and lags the server out for a while. Any info would be great. Thanks :smiley:

Same sponge version?

2844 as of late :slight_smile:

Any differences in the sponge config(specifically the data part)?

No sir. both register holograms:holograms-data

Then I (and probably everyone else) can’t help you. If everything is the same, it can’t produce different results. Maybe retry copying everything.

IS there any way to suppress the error so it doesnt lag out the console?

Do you get the error without any other plugins running?

Yes it does. Only things i have running are pixelmon, spongeforge, and holograms

Really? Server signs is even in the log you posted.
I mean only sponge and holograms. Not a single other mod or plugin.

What i meant is i tested it with those 3 plugins/mods as well as the normal set up. It occured both with and without more plugins installed.

What version of sponge and forge are you on.

2844 sponge and. Forge 2555

2844? You’re from the future
Edit: i haven’t learned how to count.

7.1.0 build 2844

Try the latest sponge and forge

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Will let you know in 10 hoursish. 2am atm and too lazy to get out of bed again lol. Ty for the help. Ill get back to ya. :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about this plugin, but reading through the comments briefly, maybe add the data id for the offending data to the data-to-purge list in the custom_data.conf, in the sponge config directory. This should purge the bad data. Assuming the data id hasn’t changed between versions, this will also wipe out current working data as well, but it should also fix the error spam.

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