Home Set Home - A teleportation manager!


I'm sorry, but that seems complex for a not-even-teen coder like me. I'm so sorry.


Any way to make each home or warp clickable in chat? Also a tpa request feature?


looking good will this be updated to the version 6 API?


I realize that you posted this over a year ago, but take a look at my other comment, the same goes for anyone else who is interested.


@Anora If you’re looking for a special home plugin, HomeSweetHome has a API 6.0.0 version, it also comes with more features than this plugin.



I drafted up a comment on my phone but forgot to post it, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
I left Sponge about a year ago, and didn’t realize that anyone used my plugins anymore. When I saw that I had 800 clicks to my downloads, I actually jumped out of my chair. However, I would be willing to come back to Sponge and make a better version of this and my other plugins for a small price. This would be next to nothing, just to buy me a cup of coffee. I understand if you’re not interested, and I’m once again sorry for the delay.


Whilst we allow donation links, commissioning plugins and updates are subject to their own forum category and rules.

Please see the following template if you wish to seriously pursue this option.

Otherwise I’d recommend updating the plugins and adding a donation link.


Is it possible to add the capability of being able to share your home with others?


@Badcholo I’m really flattered that people are still interested in my project from over 2 years ago. I can’t believe that I got to over 1.4k download links! Is anyone else interested in me continuing the plugin? I stopped doing Minecraft coding awhile ago, but I guess I could continue if it’s important to you.

What do you think?


Do you enjoy doing it @GStuff? otherwise you could always open source it if someone want’s to continue it.


Yeah, I do. I’ll give it a shot @badcholo. However, I will need some time to update all my API integration and make my code more efficient. In the meantime, I’ve added a PayPal donation link at the top.


@Badcholo Just a quick update: I’m writing a whole new version for the v7.0.0 API - my last version was in v4 API :laughing: Right now I’m about halfway through rewriting the plugin, and I’ll be back with my finished version soon.