How do you like Windows 10?


I did an upgrade, so all my programs/services remained installed.


  • Starts incredibly fast (HDD; Windows 7: more than 3 minutes, Windows 10: ~15 seconds)
  • No issues regarding failing programs/drivers.
  • Looks great and is still easy to use (Windows 8/8.1 looked great too, but was a pain in the ass to use in my opinion)


  • I can’t find programs using the search function
  • The OS sometimes uses a lot of RAM (boots with ~150MB; sometimes reaches 3GB, but it returns after a couple minutes)


Flibio, would you share your issues and solutions for NVidia drivers? I’ve upgraded my gamebox to Windows 10, but have held off upgrading the other four in the house because ever since the upgrade, Minecraft has been unplayably slow – as in single digit FPS.

That aside, there’s a lot that still seems unfinished. I’m irritated that I can no longer just display all control panels as a direct submenu off the start menu. I’m irritated that there seems to be no way to remove the Documents, Downloads, Desktop etc. hard links from the “My Computer” folder. (If I wanted them there. I’d have put them there myself. I want that window to contain local and network drives, AND NOTHING ELSE.) Windows 10 not only put redundant links to them there without asking me, it won’t let me delete them.

On the other hand, it’s long past time Windows had properly working native virtual desktops. It boots blindingly fast, almost as fast as my Linux workstation. And Windows 10 seems to work much better with solid state drives than Windows 7, even 7 SP1, did. All of the constant weird little niggling “WAAAAAAAH this storage device isn’t acting like I expect it to” errors have gone away. Windows 7 running off an SSD was a constant litany of can’t read this, can’t write that, unexpected memory error the other. They’re all gone with Windows 10.

I think the UI is a bit too stripped down and minimalist. It looks cheap. And, frankly, it’s ugly. But the Aero Glass theme is being ported to Windows 10, so a little patience should resolve that. Edge seems a pretty decent browser. I’d really like to try Cortana, but I can ONLY use Cortana if I let Windows disable my local login (you know, the one that authenticates to all of my own local network services, including ones I need for work like my VPN) and log in using my Microsoft Live account instead. Bite me, Microsoft. And I’d really like a way to turn off that honking huge “Search the web and Windows” box that’s currently eating the leftmost sixth of my taskbar for no benefit whatsoever. Put that crap on the start menu where it belongs, or on a hotkey… Oh, right, they did. Search is already bound to Windows+S. It doesn’t need to be on the taskbar as well. But you can’t turn it off.

Overall, my impression is Windows 10 is a reasonably good, reasonably solid OS for the masses that was pushed out the door before it was actually finished.


I have a GTX 970, and am running driver version (353.62).

I had to use a some program from Microsoft to block auto-driver downloads, but I believe that was because I updated on day 1. I don’t think that it is necessary anymore.


I am using Windows 10, I don’t like it because all the spyware on the OS. I want to switch to Linux but there lots of proprietary applications that I am stuck using.
For me to use Windows 10 I had to install ClassicShell, remove Cortana, remove all modern apps, set the privacy settings (but they are proven to be trade-offs) and use Ninite to install my favourite applications quickly without Adware.
When I have a choice to switch to Linux, I will immediately.

What I like:

  • Hmm… Maybe a little bit faster?
  • I don’t think there is much great things with Windows 10, there is but they are not helping me do my daily tasks easier.

What I don’t like:

  • The darker theme
  • Windows Explorer is less customisable
  • NSA (oh no, now I am being targeted!)
  • Everything else

Edit: And oh, Windows 10 seems a bit buggy to me. Even after a clean install.


I’m running 355.82, which is the latest NVidia driver release for Windows 10, on a 2GB Fermi GTX560Ti, and it’s fine for most things. Mass Effect, Witcher, whatever. But Minecraft is unplayable. I’m at the point where I’m seriously considering replacing my video card just to see whether it makes a difference, because nothing else has worked. I haven’t played on my own server in a month, because seriously, 3fps?!?


Did you update through Win10 or did you install the driver manually by downloading it at

I’m running 355.82 on Win8.1 and it runs fine for me on a GT420m. No fps issues at all.


Direct from via the NVidia updater.


Then i’d first check if all other drivers are present (and preferably updated manually, WHQL caused me trouble more than once…). After this i’d look at the usage of gpu and cpu and temps.

However this sounds like a driver/software related issue.

Are you running latest Java 8 x64?


You may want to look into Classic Shell for a more 7-like start menu.

Perhaps you could give OldNewExplorer a try.

You can, but I can’t remember how I did it. Keep trying, there is a way.

You may be interested in some of the things I linked in a previous post


Yes, it was very helpful. I also installed OldNewExplorer.
But there is nothing prevents the NSA from spying because there is no registry value or option in the settings to prevent the NSA from spying on me. Also for people who thinks that only Windows 10 has a backdoor. Almost all previous versions of Windows has some kind of backdoor for the NSA.


Yup, 8u60 64-bit. Far as I can tell everything is current.


Seems that you have a notebook.
Try setting the defualt graphics card to NVIDIA because minecraft is not recognized as an 3D application.


GTX560Ti is a desktop card… So he probably is on a desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the laptop user :smile:
MC gets recognized by latest nvidia driver and is automatically run with optimus enabled/on external card.


Oh sorry then i missunderstood. :wink:


I love windows 10, but i love linux better sometimes too, Windows because of cortana, easy to use, and games, and a updated skype with more features… linux because of speed, reliability, Security (i have never gotten any slowdowns with linux), resource usage, open source, Huge community, and free everthing… i only dream of a windows/linux hybrid os


i have been forced back into the MS saddle i swore id never let run on my hardware again. not for work, but cos my kid - just not really dooable to roll a distro at 12 … and how she loves to hear me complain.

Chocolatey is a godsend. linux style package management. i use it for nvidia drivers, jre, vim, notepad++… save a list of ur dev environment and do full unattended setups and upgrades. i take care of hers and my PCs without downloading a single exe in a browser. If u using windowz… massively recommend.

dos was a hack. xp was a hack and 7 is a hack.
10 is a hack… but WSL is like, something at least. Its very nice for me to able to use a real linux shell to talk with my linux boxes. Can tell the ms devs loved making it…

get 10 for WSL, alone, imo.


Recently I updated my PC with the latest version.
I like its graphics as it is much much better than the previous version. All the application runs smoothly.:hugs:


While I am a fan of the graphics on Windows 10 (Such as the Black taskbar). I much prefer the look of Windows Vista’s taskbar. It still had the text based windows on the taskbar which didn’t take up much of the screen, the glossy looking black and no extra things on the taskbar that you can not get rid of, such as the search and multiple desktop that is present on Windows 10.


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