šŸ“¦ HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


Yeah we had fun. Unfortunately due to consistency in performance issues we weren't picked for an alliance.


I have those issues with my girlfriend all the time :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

And to avoid the wrath of mods ...
Any news on when the new system for items with meta data is coming out? :slight_smile:


Maybe this weekend if I drink enough caffeine


Aaah caffeine.
The raw material all programmers are forced to turn into code.

Rise up, be not a slave to the machine, a robot of the masses!
Become one for the select instead :slight_smile:


But I like the taste of carbonated chemical splash.



That seems like the type of thing I'd wanna drink if I was already dying, tbh

Water joeeeee

Anyway, HuskyCrates updates soon lmao


If anyone wants to see my crappy livestream of my development and mostly me failing to stream properly


Nice fails :joy:

I can't wait for the next version ! Did you plan to set a limit of use per day ? Like one could only open a crate every X hours with or without key.

Also, can you add a universal use permission ? I would rather have rare keys than people not able to use a crate.

Have a nice code session.


Not planning on that atm but I can consider that.

Unless your permission manager is terrible, huskycrates.*.use should work. I don't even think those specific permissions are in the code rn.


This will also provide huskycrates.<crate id>.key doesn't it ?


That wouldn't really make sense.


If anyone wants to join the new discord, do so here.

Click here!


My bad, I didn't read the .use part of the permission. It's time to sleep instead of misreading words :bridge_at_night:


my body is ready for this new update


v.0.10.0 has been released!

View github releases for changes and downloads!


Let's click that crate :mouse_three_button:


Oh, and I hope that Creative mode infinite key bug was fixed a while ago. I can't remember if it was.


Oh and btw, new version came out.
Guess I didn't need donators to update my plugin, just a day that I didn't have stuff to do. ;3


Appreciate it, looks nice! :wink: <3