šŸ“¦ HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


v0.10.1 has been released!

This update is in an attempt to fix the converter! Copies of 0.10.0 should be considered defective and you should replace them immediately. 0.10.0 is not longer availible for public download.


I need for API 5.2.0 latest


Go ahead and try it on 5.2.0.
I can assure you that some stuff will probably not work because you're using sponge forge.


Is there a maximum items that can be in a crate? I have tried creating a 40 items crate adding up to 100% but config does seem to work with that many items in a crate.


tTheoretically there isn't a limit.


Weird... I mean my crates was working perfectly until I started adding more items to one of my crates... would you mind taking a quick look? The config issue seems to be from the vote crate because they all work however once I add the vote crate with 40 items it cease to work.
here is my config : https://pastebin.com/p00MhyVF


This isn't even a valid config for 0.10..


Yeah I am still with 0.9 since you mention that 0.10 wasn't suitable for spongeforge...


SF works but not on Linux very well.


Oh alright! Therefore, if the os is not linux, upgrading it would be recommended right?


Yessir. It sure would be.


What if it's on linux? xD


I upgraded it to 0.10.1 and rewrote all the config...
When I type in the command /crate chest vote I get ?? in the chat and in the console I get this :

[Server] Server thread/INFO [STDOUT]: [pw.codehusky.huskycrates.commands.Crate:execute:73]: MemoryDataContainer{safety=ALL_DATA_CLONED, map={ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:chest, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}}

Here is my config : https://pastebin.com/tiJ5NkYs


Well, that happens when you have some invalid command stuff or invalid conf. ill look int oit :stuck_out_tongue:


Livestreaming some incompatibility investigation.


1.0 Sneak Peek

Coming soon to GitHub Releases...


HuskyCrates is officially at version 1.0.0!

New features:
- Custom particle ring coloring
- Configuration details posted in the Wiki
- Custom crate-specific key item ids
- e.g. minecraft:dirt
- Spinner crate options implemented (details in wiki)
- dampening
- maxClicks
- minClickModifier
- maxClickModifier

Note that this release does not fix the ongoing conversion issues with certain Forge modpacks. It is highly recommended that you update, though, and use an alternative method of converting noted in the Wiki.

Check GitHub Releases for the download, and the Wiki for assistance!


Would this new version work properly with API 5 ?


Most likely yes. Back up and try it :slight_smile:


By any chance are you using the FTB Beyond mod pack?