šŸ“¦ HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


Yup but I haven't retry with the new version I'll try it out and let you know if it works :wink:


Did you ever do that?


New Media


Andddd this is how you kill your plugin: https://github.com/codeHusky/HuskyCrates-Sponge/blob/master/Agreement.md

Good luck with further development. Not sure how Sponge Devs feel about it, but a force payment is a reason I won't be using this plugin any longer.

Good luck Husky :slight_smile:


Hey Vince, it's not even enforced yet. It was an idea last night and I'm not even sure if, again, it was a good idea. If people don't really like it, then I proabably won't do it. Really depends.

Even if I don't remove it, I'll proabably be modifying it to be less mandatory.


From discord announcement:

The agreement file on GitHub is currently not enforced and there's a possibility that it won't even become a thing. It was a late night idea, nothing more really. It would need to be thought out a bit more to be friendlier for smaller servers that might just need the income, while taking a insignificant amount from servers making tons off of keys. Apologies if this concerned anyone, but the agreement is not currently enforced, nor is there any promise that it will be in the future.

I'm not trying to just "money grab", I just realize that crate plugins can make servers money and I thought last night that I'd like to just take part of that without being too much of a bother.


The agreement has been removed from GitHub for the time being. I'll need to reconsider how I can make it good for everyone.


We have some things to say about money and plugins. Required payment would not be accepted here.

I get the strangest feeling people aren't going to like it :wink:

I'd like to take a moment to point this out:

  • Mojang developed Minecraft. They don't make any money off sales of EULA-compliant cosmetics (via crates, even).
  • Sponge folks developed Sponge(API/Common/Forge/Vanilla). They don't make any money off sales of anything transferred via Sponge plugins.

Write your plugins for fun and the enjoyment of others. Allow folks to contribute money back as thanks, if they choose. Don't let the sight of money spoil your own fun developing.


It was really just not a good idea. Stayed up too late, looked at my PayPal and was like "oh I have a moderately successful project, let's see..."

I admit that it wasn't the best idea, and even last night I was slightly worried about how the forum management would handle it. I've removed the forceful agreement and I'm more considering a, well, who knows. Maybe I just will keep working on this project without focusing on money, since that seems to cause issues.

I doubt I'll be putting an agreement back into place. Rather, if anything, it would be a bit of "hey if you're making a lot it would be really cool of you to throw some cash my way heh" than anything.

I don't want to drive away any users and that's exactly why I was really quick to undo this poor decision.


This screenshot was taken with 1.10.2 (API 5.2)
I'm almost certain that HuskyCrates will work just fine with API 5 to API 7.


v1.1.0 has been released to GitHub Releases


  • Fixed selection of rewards when using crates
    • Symptom: Always picks reward behind the rarest item


  • Added GitHub version checking to see if you're out of date.


You should make a paypal.me for people who don't use/donate through patreon (dislike having to pay month to month the same amount, sometimes I have money sometimes I don't). Personally wouldn't mind dropping a few bucks through paypal in the future.


Afaik Patreon can be a one time pledge, but optionally you can send me money with https://PayPal.me/lokio


v1.1.1 has been released!


  • New "damage" value for the item format (any valid item, including the root-level display item.
  • New "keyDamage" value for the Key override (inside options)


I'm announcing that that HuskyCrates, for as long as I manage the project, will not demand royalties or charge for updates. This plugin will remain free for the rest of its lifetime, entirely.

Official modifications for servers will, of course, be charged for (that's really a commission), but the public version of this plugin will be free forever for anyone who chooses to download it.


not sure if you accept bug reports here or i have to make a github account and report it there but if its the github way then i won't do it.

anyways the bug, using your wiki config sample if i give myself 5 command keys when i open a crate i can close the crate inventory and spam the crate i did this 10 times {i only had 5 keys but since you don't lose the key until you recieve the rewards i was able to spam the crate with the same 5 keys 10 times} and i got 10 rewards in the end i ended up with 9 keys?!?! https://gyazo.com/0e00fe4e5602bdba66d599b66bab1542
using spongeforge api 5 with pixelmon 5.0.4

Example of me doing it: https://gyazo.com/9e5fcdee647cd4d722ec7bc518265252
Rewards i got from just 1 crate key: https://gyazo.com/5084694abc136d0f2c429802cd0cbfc7


Some quick questions

  • did you download using ore?

  • Would you be able to join the support discord or are the forums your only option? Link is in the main topic

Also, if I recall correctly the example config includes an entry that runs the command to give someone another key so they can "try again"


don't have a working mic so discord is kinda pointless for me but i can join it and use text channels if you like, and i used the download link from this page the one that sends to the github releases.


Just join it, discord isn't just for voice.


Live development!