๐Ÿ“ฆ HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


Had to add that because it was only loading one crate after conversion. I'll attempt to redo it


Not sure exactly what you mean by that.


I was literally following this: https://github.com/codeHusky/HuskyCrates-Plugin/wiki/Config-Example
to add lang at the end of each crate


The lang outside of crates is global btw
You need a lang inside of your crate to be crate specific. And again, the issue is a result of an invalid setup with lang because iirc your config looks like it has a "lang" crate.

I'll be able to help you better once I'm out of classes but that's really all I can tell you. I'm almost certain it works without the lang.


This bit here is what I'm talking about. Your formatting is completely messed up because those braces and just that whole block shouldn't be there.


might want to fix your config examples then, im literally going by what your wiki example shows.


You're doing it wrong. If you look just a bit harder, you'll notice the lang you pasted repeatedly is supposed to go outside of crates {}. That's really you're fault for an incorrect interpretation rather than the wiki's fault. "Writing your own config" makes it slightly easier.


Hi, I am an owner of a pixelmon server and I have a question about the plugin. Is there a way to for a command to run multiple times on a reward or not yet. I'm trying to make a reward that gives 5 random shinies to a player or is that currently not a feature yet. Also, this is a great plugin keep up the great work man.


If you have a command that allows you to add an amount, sure. I just haven't added multiple commands yet.


Stupid old guy here! I cant get the converter to work, anyone feel like converting this for me please?



Not entirely sure why you want to convert that.


Its not working for me on the latest version.


Do you get any console errors or anything?


Nope, no errors, just nothing happens.


Chances are, one of your mods changed it's item IDs. I'm not gonna be able to figure that out, though. Check the update logs of the plugins you use items from is all I can suggest.


Bit of an update. Someone else is running into similar problems, so I'll look into this further.


Please avoid using ยง because it really only causes trouble. Using & is preferred and encouraged.
That wasn't a breaking config issue, though. I recommend, again, verifying all of your item IDs before trying again. Cross referencing pixelmon updates is a good idea.


Cheers for all the help. I did update pixelmon the other day so I will remove all the pixelmon chests and see if that fixes the problems. Thanks again for the help. :slight_smile:


Yeah. Some others have been having trouble due to ID changes with Pixelmon as well.


HuskyCrates v1.4.0-BETA has been released!

This update adds a ton of new features. Updating is highly encouraged!
Please read everything before updating. Some things have changed.

New Features

  • 2 new crate view types
    • simple and instant (see wiki for details, or just try it :D)
  • Free crates!
    • Info on the wiki as usual. Allows free usage of crates with an optional delay.
  • Reward announcements (per-item only)
    • setting announce=true inside of your reward{} will cause the announcement to occur. Please note that announce is not required.
  • Virtual Key system!
    • Convert from Physical to Virtual keys and vise versa with /crate deposit and /crate withdraw
    • Spawn in virtual keys with /crate vkey and /crate vkeyall if you're feeling generous
    • Users will be notified with customizable messages when they use their virtual keys on a crate! (see wiki)


  • Changed lang system up a bit
    • Prefixes are no longer "automatically" appended to certain messages. To add a prefix, just add %prefix% to your message template. See wiki for additional details
  • Improvements to the hologram removal system on server loadup.
  • Improvements to the error printout system to make everything a bit easier to understand