📦 HuskyCrates [v2.0.0-PRE8] [API 5-7] - Give everyone keys, use Custom Particles, Keys, and more!


i’ll update the wiki asap
EDIT: Wiki updated, changes might take a while to appear


I am completely new to using husky-crates and do not really know how to make crates. Could someone provide a template as to how to create a crate with pixelmon as prizes? It would be greatly appreciated.


The wiki is pretty descriptive on how you create a crate. There also is some examples.


Not for pixelmon though.


You don’t really need Pixelmon-specific instructions. If you’re able to find the ID listings online it’s rather straight forward. I recommend you join the support discord. I don’t officially support Pixelmon due to the DMCA takedown, but feel free to ask my support in discord about it.


Hello! Would it be possible to add configurable announcements for when a player opens a donor crate?


For opening a crate? Sure! I’ll add it to the list of upcoming features.

Also, apparently Pixelmon faced a C&D, rather than a DMCA. I personally are not that knowledgeable in legal crap around copyright law and the terms for such things, but it still doesn’t change my stance on the project. I won’t provide official support for Pixelmon features in my discord, but I’ll gladly help you learn how to use the config system.


@codeHusky when adding the crate preview option to a crate, whenever a player clicks the barrier icon, the item actually drops for them. Is their any quick fix to this as I really want to add the crate preview option to my server but don’t want players to be able to receive the barrier items>


Item blacklist barriers for users until the fix is added.


is cooldown persist a config option or something? not seeing documentation but the issue report was closed saying it was fixed. on 1.8.0 now and do a sponge plugins reload and it doesn’t persist. also getting this http://prntscr.com/htp70y and cant disable it.


It was fixed after the latest release, so it’s not out yet. GitHub Issues don’t reflect the state of the release at all times


v1.0.0-PRE1 of HuskyConfigurator Released!

HuskyConfigurator is a utility for configuring HuskyCrates!
Check out the forum topic for more information.


v1.8.0-PRE1 has been released!

First proper pre-release of HuskyCrates v1.8.0
As usual, backup your config (and your database this time!!!)

v1.8.0 is bringing a ton of changes! Make sure to read this whole change log!


  • /crate is now /hc or /huskycrates to prevent conflict with TeslaCrate
  • /hc chest is now /hc block to prevent confusion


  • If using free crates, you may have noticed that users could bypass the cooldown by simply using a different crate than they had used before. This is no longer the case.


  • New developer API
    • Allows access to keys (generation and such) and the HuskyCrates instance
    • API event
      • VKeyBalanceChangeEvent
  • Reload command
  • Persistent free crate cooldowns (new db table ;3)
  • Obvious init error printout on login if something went wrong


  • API 7 cause refactor support
  • Particles and Holograms now work directly with the entity
    • The hologram will use the entity’s tag instead of a hologram
    • Particles are centered on the entity instead of an armor stand
  • Entity crates no longer spawn an armor stand
  • Removed “runningelf” in command desc
  • Database is no longer wiped between changes, now using UPDATE instead of dropping and inserting.
  • Moved cooldowns from physical crates to virtual crates


  • Fix from v0.1.8.0 where enchants break stuff
  • Fixed issue with spinner stopping at incorrect times
  • Fixed entity particles
  • Made version checking system less stupid (again)
  • Fixed saving and loading procedure

Check out the GitHub Releases for downloads!


HuskyCrates v1.8.0-PRE1 now supports API 5.x and 6.x!

Download the update now! :slight_smile:


hey, updated from 1.7.2 api 5 to 1.8.0 PRE 1 api 5 and nothing works, when previewing crate it just crashes/times everyone out, yes im using the new huskyui aswell.

Downgraded to 1.7.2 because the latets one doesnt work and now nothing works. even tried loading a backup and same result nothing works.


Yeah, that’s because one of your items doesn’t work. You need to review your config items and see what’s failing. v1.8.0 posts out more meaningful errors so PLEASE post errors from v1.8.0


yeah will do once i load it into a test server and see what exactly broke.


Send me your entire 1.8.0 fml server latest


v1.8.0-PRE2 is out for API 5 - 7


  • You can now be lazier!
    • Allow use of IDs set up like minecraft:planks:1 instead of setting separate damage values
  • Ability to show, disable the showing of win probability on reward previews!
    • Inside options{}, put showProbability=false to disable this feature (it’s normally enabled)
  • Added bStats metrics to HuskyCrates


  • Enforcing v0.4.1 or higher HuskyUI on a mcmod.info/class basis
    • You can’t be lazy about updating HuskyUI now ;3


http://www.mediafire.com/file/uupxei1wm5b0bd1/fml-server-latest.log forgot to send you it.

Issues im having.

`. When i place a crate block i get disconnected with

  1. When i try and open it theres no animations and i get kicked with the same error as above.