Is there a download for Spongeforge 1.12.2-2618


Im running a server with a few friends and want to include some plugins for our Direwolf20 1.12 server, but I cant find a sponge download to match our forge version which is 2618, has sponge not been updated yet or am I just silly?


Your not being silly. Sponge api 7.1.0 hasnt been updated in 5 days.

But after testing the latest sponge forge with your version of forge, it runs fine.

I normally run sponge Vanilla so please excuse if this isnt correct. But my guess is the forge version specified is the minimum forge version you need.


The server just crashes if I have sponge downloaded with direwolf20, I’m assuming it’s due to the mismatch version of sponge and forge because I was under the impression the versions had to match


It is more then likely a confiction with a mod on the server. If you give us the error, we can tell you what mod it is/are


Unfortunately I don’t have access to my pc until tomorrow morning, but I can provide the details then


Provide them whenever you like. I believe the sponge team have made sponge compatible with more and more mods, so by working out what mod it is they can hopefully work a agreement to get the two supported