JSONAPI Sponge for 1.12.2


I’m looking for JSONAPI for sponge forge 1.12.2 but not found the JSONAPI in the website ore.spongepowered.org

I apologize in advance for the spelling and formulation because I am French


You may try Web-API - Provides an admin panel and API for your Minecraft server


Thanks, I’ll try it right away


I tried but I don’t know set the plugins (even with the doc :frowning:slight_smile:
Can plugin really replace JSONAPI (this is to link my server to a website) ?


I’m not sure if it’s JSONAPI compatible, depends what the things on your site are using. I’d contact the author of WEB-API and see what they can do, otherwise if they can’t help, create a forum post with the plugins and hopefully someone can port it to WEB-API. There are quite a few web devs floating around here.


Hi, I’m the dev of Web-API, maybe I can help you with your issue? :slight_smile:

Yes, the Web-API can link your minecraft server to your website, but it does not work exactly the same as JSONAPI does, so you will have to change some URLs/routes.

If you can more accurately describe what isn’t working I may be able to help you :smiley: