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First, writing in caps doesn’t help at all.

Discord seems to be a better place to discuss your issue further. https://discord.gg/YrecCft


Or, an alternative - although it would more annoying - also depending on if KtSkript supports it or not - you could use GriefPrevention claim UUIDs. GriefPrevention is public (I think? I have a plugin that works off it, so I assume so…) and can be incorporated with getClaimAtPlayer, using the claim’s UUID number to specify the area the player is in, using admin claims mode to claim areas for server builds/hubs/etc.


KtSkript can do everything a normal plugin can do, apart from NMS (which isn’t recommended anyway).


Getting damage from biomes

Script on GitHub

val damagingBiomes = listOf(BiomeTypes.TAIGA, BiomeTypes.TAIGA_HILLS)

val damageSource = DamageSource.builder()

  .intervalTicks(20 * 10)
  .execute { task ->
      .filter { player ->
        player.location.hasBiome() && player.location.biome in damagingBiomes
      .forEach { player ->
        player.damage(1.0, damageSource)

This script damages players every 20 * 10 ticks (10 seconds) by 1.0 (half a heart) when being in the taiga or taiga hills. You can add more biomes from here: BiomeTypes.


Can I move this plug-in to the MCBBS forum in China?

I will show the original author and the original page.

If you like, I will send you the link of the web page after the successful removal.

I will not provide other download addresses.


Yes, you can do that. Please provide https://github.com/randombyte-developer/kt-skript/releases as the download link. It always shows the latest release.


No problem. I’ll do what you say.