Latch - A locking plugin to protect your containers


A new version has been released for Latch, it is available for download here.

:lock: Latch v0.4.8 for Sponge API 7

As always I HIGHLY recommend you use the latest build of Sponge matching your version and you keep backups of your lock database!

This is a small update, but important as it fixes a critical issue with donation chests. I also added some more command aliases for those familiar with LWC. I apologize for development being slow due to focusing on my studies so I appreciate everyone’s continued support of Latch. If you have any issues or notice an important feature missing, please report them as I do my best to find time to address these concerns.


  • Add more command aliases for those familiar with LWC such as /cmodify and /cprivate.


  • Fixed an issue where anyone could take items from donation chests due to changes to Sponge’s inventory API and implementation.
  • Added DONATION lock type to suggestions for modify command help.

Code/project changes

  • Updated the Gradle wrapper.
  • Changed some usage of a deprecated method to the suggested version.


Hey I’m very sorry for the long wait, but the release above has added some of the LWC aliases.

So the plugin already supports some modded containers, or at least should, but not all of them. Many basic ones should work, you just need to add their full block ids to the latch.conf file under the lockable_blocks section of the configuration. Due to mods all behaving differently, this is the best we can do for now. If there are specific modded containers you add, but don’t work as you would imagine, please tell me and I’ll investigate supporting them to the best of my ability. It is unlikely to properly support computer like storage though, as those are quite complicated and often spread over larger distances.


Hi, can I suggest that you add custom database features? And can learn LWC, can lock all the blocks? Remove the “lockable_blocks”=[] option from the config and use latch private to click on any square to lock him, just like LWC’s, such as locking stones or wool, because mod blocks are too many to add all blocks to config because I tried to lock the wool and found that no wool in the config caused me to lock it, which made me very confused and I think “lockable_blocks”=[] This feature is superfluous, sorry, my English is bad, use Google Translate, look Can I reply after that? Thanks, because my sponge server needs it, I wait for you


Are these locks also safe from things such as hoppers and any piping from mods that may try to pull from them?
If these hoppers/pipes were infact not placed by the appropriate player?

If not already a feature available, could this be added? Where such a thing cannot occur, unless the hopper/pipe shares a lock by the same player?
This would enable hoppers/pipes to still be able to work with the chest, but prevent outside users from gaining access to them.


@JiuxiaoYue I do see what you’re saying and it’s a good, simple idea. I can definitely add some sort of configuration option to do this, will try to get to it in a few days when I have more time.

@Zera_Fox I started to add limited protection from hoppers, through the prevent_adjacent_to_locks config option. It was really the best guaranteed protection I could get working at the time, but now that Sponge has progressed quite a bit there’s probably more I can look into accomplishing. Supporting pipes and other modded transfer blocks is going to be a bit harder though, but I will see what I can do. Will make sure to tag you if I need input or I release something which improves this.


thank you ,I very need this plugin


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