Licensing the SpongeDocs


Greetings, Editorial Spongineers.

To liven up this section, here is a rather important issue we need to resolve.
In brief: The Sponge Documentation currently lacks a proper license.
We plan to fix this by applying the Creative Commons Share Alike license.

To do this, we need the explicit approval of all the folks who have provided significant contributions (i.e. more than a typographical error correction or other minor adjustment), based on the form we provide in the thread below. Hopefully we can collect most of what we need directly through GitHub, via replies to the PR thread. Once we have collected all the necessary approvals, we can proceed with the PR and add the license.

Here is the Pull Request with the relevant information.

Licensing SpongeDocs **TRANSLATIONS**


Hopefully everyone relevant has been alerted to the PR through GitHub.
Please examine the license at your leisure, and we hope you’ll agree it’s fit to purpose, and help us along.


I wasn’t picked up on the list, because my work was committed by @Tzk (original issue) - so I imagine you’ll want my approval too?


Yeah, I’ve added you to the second list. Since Tzk committed your contribution, you probably don’t need to specify your email in the consent.


Oh, sorry. We must have missed you while collecting all contributors, @dualspiral.
Yes, we want your approval. Thanks for speaking up, i probably wouldn’t have noticed this :confused:


It’s alright, I’ve given it! Just didn’t want people to realise at the wrong moment - might as well do it proper!