Looking for sponge dev 5.2 (paid)


Hello, I introduce myself Zarbi4734 Founder of the future first mini-game server modde minecraft.

I contact you to know if you would be interested in joining the “staff” in time that developer. The project is very serious Several big YouTuber are in partnership with us. We have already opened a V1 which is only in PvP Faction moddé which worked rather well. You are probably wondering what we are looking for as a developer:
We are looking for a fairly active developer who knows how to develop under the api sponge 5.2 (dev level is like the 5.1).
We would like to do at first a Battle Royale plugin (PUBG etc …) then make plugins to have better gameplay on the server Faction.

Here are the conditions of development in which you will be if you join us:
I would be almost connected all day if there is a problem or something
You will have at your disposal a DB and a test server which you will have all the necessary access.
Full access to the FTP of the test server (when the server opens you will have access to FTP and the functions of all servers).
You will obviously have all the IG permission and the developer grade.

But all these things are only available if you accepted the conditions below:

  • You must not tell the player or any other person outside the staff on what you are developing
    -You are prohibited from selling server codes or data.
    -You are forbidden to destroy the data of the server.
    -You must work with GitHub so that the founder and co-founder can consult your codes.
    -When the founder or co-founder requests it, you must imperatively give them the codes
    -If you leave the staff you will first have to tell the founder that you want to leave then you will have to give all the codes you have done.

If you want to know more about the project please contact me by discord: Zarbi4734 # 2053

Sincerely Zarbi4734.
Discord: Zarbi4734 # 2053
Email: contact@zarbium.fr