LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin


Way I have it set is that donor ranks are just in the same ladder as regular player ranks. People who get promoted move up the ladder, higher than regular users would be able to.

Also, there's a group weight option.
Hopefully this helps.


How to create a track?


/lp createtrack
Then add the groups in order:
/lp track append

(Or you can insert them in a certain position with /lp track insert )


Set a group weight.

Not sure, it's not too much of an issue if you're not experiencing any lag issues.


Is there anyways to make colons work in Command Kits:

CK commands:

Result of commands:


Can we have an option to make infix

[prefix] {PLAYER} [infix]: {MSG} [suffix] ??


you can do that with nucleus custom prefix/suffixes thing


Is there a way to make it so players can't place certain blocks in certain worlds? Trying to make it so players can't use quarries in the main world but can in the resource world.


You need another plugin to add that functionality.


You wouldn't happen to know of a good plugin to use would you?


Using the per-world permissions feature of LuckPerms, you could use my plugin ProtectionPerms to achieve that effect :smile:


Sweet Thanks! I'll give it a try.


Was also looking to disable the /help command but can't get it to work in luckperms.

The node I'm using is false

Edit: Also tried before trying this node, but the node above is the correct node listed on both sponge and minecraft.




So i've looked at the wiki pages and I am a bit confused. How do I go about adding prefixes to my players depending on their group and actually be able to see it in chat? ex: [admin] player1, [miner] bob. And so on.


@YOYOK9 You also need a plugin that handles chat. If you're using Nucleus and haven't touched the chat section of the config, you just need to setup the prefix for various groups in LP using the command /lp group <group> meta addprefix <priority> <prefix> - as specified at

If you are using Nucleus, you can also read our chat documentation, that might also help you.

Other chat plugins exist, SimpleChat and UltimateChat are dedicated plugins, to name a couple.


Alright thank you. I am using nucleus.


If a player/rank has more than 1 prefix... is there a way for players to toggle them? so they can either switch fro staff rank to their donator rank or switch between prefixes that come with a donated rank?


No, an additional plugin would be required for that.


Do you know of any?